FIC: The Extraordinarily Complex Task of Condensing a 920-Year-Old Romance...The Old Guard (slash)

Title: The Extraordinarily Complex Task of Condensing a 920-Year-Old Romance into a 145-Word Speech (While Being Abducted)
Genre: Slash, h/c, angst, humor, action, etc
Characters: Predominantly Joe/Yusuf and Nicky/Nicolo but the rest of the immortals show up, as well.
Rating: T.
Word count: 47,380 (What can I say, when you have nearly a 1000 years to play with, there's a lot of story to tell)
Warning: Canon era violence and attitudes
Spoilers: The comics and the movie
Author Notes: So I watched They Old Guard on Netflix and kind of fell in love with it.  It has kick ass female leads, people of color, and basically takes the bury your gays trope and says 'fuck this, not only are they going to live, but they are immortal and happily in love since the crusades and will tell you that to your homophobic faces.'  Needless to say, I really fell in love with Joe and Nicky and was so happy the writer of comic, who also wrote the screenplay, only allowed it to be made if they kept Joe and Nicky as immortal husbands.  I've also never seen a movie stick so close to the source material that there are whole scenes and speeches that come straight from the pages of the comic,  like the one that is the influence for this fic.  Sure there are some serious differences, but the core of it is the same.  If you haven't watched the movie or read the comics, recommend both.

This fic is an amalgam of both the comic and the movie. The lines of the speech Joe gives in the van that make up the section titles are from the comic, which is actually longer and more romantic than even the one from the movie. The wording of Nicky's response is also the one from the comic. Andy's characterization is a little more in line with the crassness of her character in the comic, as well. But it's Quynh, not Noriko in the fic, and the historical timeline is closer to the movie than the comic, and the events in the movie are used in the fic.

Also, I tried to be as historically accurate in the fic as I could, but I'm not a historian by any means, so I'm sure there are plenty of mistakes. The main historical exception being that the thoughts and some speech is probably more aligned with modern patterns, but seeing as it's written in American English, and I don't read or write Arabic, Italian, Persian, Romanshe, or any other language really, I took a little artistic liberties. If you are interested, I highly recommend listening to the Hard Core History podcast to learn more about some of the periods in this fic. Be prepared to spend several days doing if you do. His pod on the Mongolian Khans is fantastic, but over 20 hrs long.

Finally, I apologize that it's one long fic instead of chapters. I know it's easier to read divided down, but time was not on my side, nor was patience in formatting it in.

No beta, all mistakes are mine.

Summary:  At times, it seemed like all they did was no more than a single raindrop of hope in an ocean of despair and chaos, but together all those raindrops had evidently helped.  Copley had captured it all, the last one hundred and fifty years of their lives condensed down into a few dozen photos and newspaper clippings.  It seemed so small, and yet, all encompassing at the same time.

Kind of like how a declaration of love in a van during an abduction had condensed down all nine hundred and twenty years of an epic romance into a few hundred words.  It seemed an impossible feat, but then, his Yusuf was just the kind of guy to pull it off.

Or, the stories behind the speech in the van.

Posted at AO3, link in the title above.


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FIC: How to Solve a Problem with Imaginary Numbers- H50 Slash

Title: How to Solve a Problem with Imaginary Numbers
Genre: Slash, h/c, angst, humor, etc
Characters: Steve and Danny and oh, hell, most everyone plays in this one.
Rating: T.
Word count: 35,681 (Seriously, I can't write short in the fandom)
Warning: None
Spoilers: Anything up through the current season.
Author Notes: 
I've just thrown in the towel and have to admit that it is impossible for me to write short fic involving these two. Any other fandom I can write a simple 10,000 word fic, but for some reason these always turn out three times longer than planned.  This falls in my How To Universe, so reading the others will help but isn't absolutely necessary.  No beta, so all mistakes are my own. The fic is complete, but divided into chapters for ease of reading on AO3.  Click the title above for the link.

Summary:After an exposure to drugs, Danny starts experiencing hallucinations, leaving Steve to be the one desperately trying to hold things together.


FIC: How to Make a Singular Noun Possessive- H50 Slash

Title: How to Make a Singular Noun Possessive
Genre: Slash, h/c, angst, humor, etc
Characters: Steve and Danny and oh, hell, most everyone plays in this one.
Rating: T.
Word count: 51,757 (Yeah, I know, it's even longer than the first one)
Warning: None
Spoilers: Set 6 months after the relationship is established in How to Conjugate a Relationship. It's not technically necessary to read that fic, or the follow up How to Define Home, but alot of small things will make more sense if you do. Given the timeline, the fic would go into season 9, but anything beyond season 8 is beyond my magic 8 ball's ability to predict. However, anything up to season 8 can be and is hit pretty hard.
Author Notes: 
So, River, what did you do during the hiatus? Oh, you know, just wrote a follow up fic that was even longer than the original. This fic is set about six months after they establish their relationship in How to Conjugate a Relationship. It isn't absolutely necessary to have read that fic first, but some things will make more sense if you do. Also, this fic is flashback central...I think there are even flashbacks within flashbacks. These relate to missing scenes from canon as well as my previous fics. This fic is complete. It is broken into chapters on AO3 for ease of reading since it is so long.

Summary:When Steve is shot and kidnapped, it's up to Danny and the rest of the team to find him before it's too late.

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FIC: Running Interference- SGA (Gen)

Title: Running Interference

Genre: Gen, h/c, humor, etc
Characters: The Team with a few others thrown in for good measure
Rating: T.
Word count: ~ 18,400
Warning: Things don't look so good for Rodney for a bit, but you know me, I always fix them in the end.
Spoilers: Pretty much anything through any season.
Author Notes: This fic was written for the Jumper Five zine that premiered at MediaWest in 2017 and was edited by the wonderful brate and her team.  I've had the honor of being in all of the Jumper zines, as well as her Crossing the Gate zines, and with all the others, it has been a pleasure to work on these zines.  The editors made improved on the fic immensely.
Summary: Sometimes things can't be fixed...but sometimes they can, especially when your team mates are willing to run interference.

Just click on the title and it will take you to my AO3 page where the fic is posted.
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FIC: How to Define Home, H50 Slash

Realized I forgot to post the link for this fic here....

Title: How To Define Home
Genre: Slash, h/c, angst, humor, etc
Characters: Steve and Danny.
Rating: T.
Word count: ~ 7,200
Warning: None
Spoilers: Set mid-season 8 but anything and everything up to that point is fair game.
Author Notes:  Set in the same universe as my other H50 fic, How to Conjugate a Relationship, but you don't need to read that one to read this one.
Summary:Lou Grover: “What did you do? Take the scenic route or something?”
Danny Williams: “Long story short, this idiot made me get into a kung fu fight with another idiot”
Here’s the long story…
Missing scene from Season 8, Episode 23, because where were they for so long between that call from Lou and going back to the Palace?
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FIC: How to Conjugate a Relationship- H50 Slash

First off, yes, I'm still alive!  Suffice to say, life in general is good, work is crazy, and writing has been pretty much nonexistent for some time because of the the work and life thing.  However, against all odds, I have written a new fic in a new fandom.

So, rewind to about August of this past year and hubby says, "Hey, I watch a couple of episodes of Hawaii Five-0 last nigh on Netflix.  It wasn't bad."  I say, "Really?!? Hawaii Five-0?  Well, maybe I'll watch a couple eps while you're gone this weekend and see what I think."  Fast forward to Sunday evening when hubby returns...."I'm eight episodes in and you need to sit down and catch up now!"  After that, we averaged about a season a week.  So, yeah, we binge watched seven seasons in two months and finally caught up to the current season 8.  All I have to say is WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS SHOW SOONER?!?!?

It is seriously like fanfic on the screen and the promos for the show tell you nothing about the stuff that makes it so damn fun.  There is honest to God H/C!  There's humor, there's snark, there's TEAM!  (Dear God how I have missed TEAM LOVE!) There's bromance, and holy hell, they say I LOVE YOU to each other!

So, yeah, I wrote H50 fic that was supposed to be a short little vingette inspired by an article about how young men these days prefer snuggling with their friends more than dating women.  That turned into several vingettes then suddenly this overarching case appeared, that grew to become the FIC THAT ATE RIVER'S BRAIN.

Anywho... here's the deets:

Title: How to Conjugate a Relationship
Genre: Slash, h/c, angst, humor, etc
Characters: Steve and Danny and oh, hell, most everyone plays in this one.
Rating: T.
Word count: ~ 46,500 (Yes, you read the right and no, it is not a typo)
Warning: None
Spoilers: Set mid-season 8 but anything and everything up to that point is fair game.
Author Notes:  See above and more at AO3 where it is posted.
Summary:Steve and Danny flirt, seduce, share a bed, solve a case, and fall in love...but not necessarily in that order.

Also, just an FYI, I'll have an expired SGA gen zine fic to post here in a few months from the final Jumper Zine.
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FIC: There But By The Grace Of Quantum Physics Go I (Gen SGA/Sherlock crossover)

Title: There But By The Grace Of Quantum Physics Go I
Genre: Gen, humor, etc
Characters: Sheppard and McKay, Sherlock and Watson
Rating: T.
Word count: ~ 12,000
Warning: None
Spoilers: Pretty much anything through any season of both shows.
Author Notes: This fic was originally published in the Cross the Gate 2 zine and is a sequel to Playing Nice in the Sandbox. Although you don't have to read that one first to follow this one, it helps with some details.  Huge thanks to brate and her team for making the fic better. A huge thanks to spacedmonkey for the Brit picks.
Summary: The presence of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson is requested at the SGC. Although, it seems another Holmes and Watson have already arrived. Sequel to last year's "Playing in the Sandbox."

Just click on the llnk and it will take you to my AO3 page where the fic is  posted.....http://archiveofourown.org/works/4215270


FIC: Playing Nice in the Sandbox (Gen SGA/Sherlock crossover)

Title: Playing Nice in the Sandbox

Genre: Gen some h/c, action/adventure, humor, etc
Characters: Sheppard and McKay, Sherlock and Watson, Mycroft, and Moriarty (sort of...)
Rating: T.
Word count: ~ 32,000
Warning: None
Spoilers: Pretty much anything through any season of both shows.
Author Notes: Never in a million years would I have though to cross over SGA with Sherlock, but the lovely brate talked me into it for her Zine Crossing the Gate. What follows is all her fault and made all the better by her and her editorial staff's wonderful work. A huge thanks to spacedmonkey for the Brit picks. All remnants of my American self are my own and no reflection of her genuine Britishness. Also, I guess my New Years resolution should be to post expired zine fics in less than 6 month after they expire. I'll try to do better when the sequel expires this summer.
Summary: When Sheppard and McKay need to access a remote area of British occupied Afghanistan in search of a possible Ancient outpost, they are assigned a British military liaison in the form of Captain John Watson...and his flatmate, whose brother has coerced them both into taking the assignment.

Just click on the title and it will take you to my AO3 page where the fic is posted.


New Zine Fic: There But By the Grace of Quantum Physics Go I

Wow, I really should be better at posting more than once a year, but unfortunately, that's about how often I ever get the chance to write a fic.  And I'm highly negligent in even posting this notice of a new zine fic that will debut at MediaWest this year.  Brate and her crew have once more convinced me to write a crossover fic for Crossing the Gate volume II. The zine features cross over fics between SGA and/or SG1 and other fandoms such as Mag 7, Teen Wolf, Person Of Interest, Big Bang Theory, Sentinel, and yes, mine, which is a follow up to my SGA/Sherlock fic I did for last years zine.  This time there's twice the Rodney, twice the Sherlock, and four times the Johns thanks to a quantum mirror and a peek into a multiverse where things got a little jumbled.  Details from  Brate are bellow:

We're back again with another edition of "Cross the Gate." We asked our authors for more stories with multiple fandoms crossed with Stargate SG-1 and/or Stargate: Atlantis, and they came through in spectacular fashion!
"Cross the Gate Vol. II" will be premiering Memorial Day weekend, May 22-26 2014 at the MediaWest Convention in Lansing, Michigan.


Contributing authors:

Sheila Paulson


Deb Walsh

Blue Abyss



The zine format is a perfect-bound 6"x9" paperback, and contains 242 pages of fic. Story titles and summaries are listed at the site. All of the stories are brand new, and will not be posted online for one year after publication.

Cross the Gate Vol. II is $20 in person at the con, and $25.60 mail (cont. U.S.). We take Paypal, or you can email me for an address where you can send a check or money order.

Please be aware, this will be a limited print run. Once we run out, the zine will no longer be available.

I will be posting last years zine fic, Playing Nice in the Sandbox, around the end of the month once it expires. So you don't have any excuse not to go buy this gorgeous zine (I received my trib copy just last week!).

Go! Order! Read! Enjoy! Celebrate fandom!

FIC: Never Say Never (I Might Like You Better If We Slept Together) (SGA AU Slash)

Title: Never  Say Never (I Might Like You Better if We Slept Together) Or Five Time John and Rodney Tried to Keep Secrets and One Time They No Longer Had To
Genre: slash with some h/c, romance, humor, etc
Characters: John and Rodney
Rating: T.
Word count: ~ 17,700
Warning: None
Spoilers: Not much since its  AU but it has shades of actual events
Author Notes: Koschka wanted a slashy follow up to Never Wanted to Dance (With Nobody but You), my AU spy fic from way back in 2008.  This was supposed to be her Christmas present but it turned into an early 4th of July gift.  Better late than never.  just fair warning, if you haven't read the first fic, this one won't make much sense.  Also, the first is Gen and this is Slash!
Summary:If being a spy wasn't dangerous enough, Sheppard and McKay have to go and fall in love. Missing scenes and slash follow-up to Never Wanted to Dance (With Nobody But You).

Both the original and this new follow-up can be found on my AO3 account here.