liketheriverrun (liketheriverrun) wrote,

Evidently I'm too old to walk and be a mom at the same time

So today was my son's seventh birthday party. Normally, I'm all for the party, but this year, it's been rough. I typically make him a cake but I cheated this year and bought one at the store and added a few decorations (mainly Ben Ten action figures and used some squeeze icing to make the Ben Ten watch). It's been a week from hell... I put in 54 hours at work this week, attempted date night with hubby last night (between the side trip to Toys R Us for said action figures and not being able to get into a restaurant until almost 9 pm, that didn't live up to all expectations) and haggling with the pizza people that delivered to the museum where the party was today (successfully, I might add). I was just looking forward to the party being over and going home to open presents and veg for the rest of the day.

So we were leaving the museum, son on his dad's back and my 3 year old daughter wanted up on my shoulders. Sure. Why not? No problem. Right? Wrong. I turned from saying goodbye to some friends, took one step, and twisted my ankle. Normally that wouldn't be such a big deal except for being even more top heavy than usual and in an attempt to keep my younger child from going splat on the pavement, I couldn't brace my fall. I hit my knees then my hands so hard that my I had pain radiating up into my shoulders and elbows. Daughter walked away without even a whimper. Me, I let out some rather stranger noises and yelled at hubby twice to just let me lay there for a minute as he tried to pull me off the ground. And then I had to answer all the Oh my god! Are you all right? from friends and passers by.

It's been almost five hours since I fell, I've iced, ibuprofened up, and I still can barely walk. My son rode his bike into a cement wall a month ago and was running around with half the skin scraped off his nose like nothing had happened within ten minutes. I used to bounce back, now I've evidently lost the spring in my step as well as the ability to step and stay on my feet.

I'm now seeing the drawbacks of having children later in life.

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