liketheriverrun (liketheriverrun) wrote,

From Twitter 12-18-2010

  • 08:44:02: @jane_connor hey, when the man wants his presents, the man gets his presents. *G*
  • 10:05:02: Senate votes for cloture on DADT 63-33! Official vote could come as early as tomorrow. It's about damn time!
  • 15:27:39: RT @BarackObama: By ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” no longer will patriotic Americans be asked to live a lie to serve the country they love
  • 15:36:36: RT @maddow:65-31.It's dead. #DADT//seems vote count first reported on CNN low. Even better for those *in* the right even if *on* the right!

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