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New Gen SGA Zine: Jumper 4

It's that time of year...MediaWest Zines!  I once again tribbed to Brate's wonderful gen SGA Jumper zine.  Below is her announcement with details:

Hello, everyone! I wanted to announce this year's edition of the Stargate:
Atlantis zine, "Jumper Four," will be premiering Memorial Day weekend at the
MediaWest Convention in Lansing, Michigan. We have some favorite authors
returning, and a couple new ones ready to show off their skills!

Red Flag by liketheriver
Attacked by "allies" off-world, Sheppard struggles to keep Rodney alive. [18 pages]

High and Dry by Brate
Sheppard is separated from his team and left to die. [4 pages]

The Dig: Outsider POV by Blue Abyss
A research mission turns deadly. [25 pages]

Down Time by Stealth Dragon
On Earth, the team is ordered to take a vacation. What could go wrong? [8 pages]

From the Grave by JJJunky
The team goes off world and finds trouble. [15 pages]

Test Flight by Gemini
John and Rodney take an experimental jumper out for a spin. [8 pages]

Misplaced by K Hanna Korossy
On another world, a team member is lost, hurt, and surrounded by strangers. [18 pages]

Down the Rabbit Hole by Sasha St. John
Sheppard and McKay are forced to hide and wait for rescue. [12 pages]

The Dig: Team POV by Blue Abyss
The Dig: Outsider POV told by the other side of the equation. [35 pages]

Caring for Your Colonel by Brate
One of Rodney's jobs is to make sure his leader stays sane. Not an easy task. [5 pages]

Scourge by Frisco/Wildcat88
Michael gets revenge from beyond the grave. [33 pages]

The zine format is a perfect-bound paperback, and contains 181 pages of fic.
Story titles and summaries are listed at the site. All of the stories are brand
new, and will not be posted online for a year after publication.

The zine is $15 in person at the con, and $17.50 mail (cont. U.S.). We take
Paypal, or you can email me for an address where you can send a check or money

Again this year this will be a limited print run. Once we run out, the zine will
be distributed through Agent with Style, using their format and pricing.

I look forward to seeing you at the con, or hearing from you online!


My fic, Red Flag, is pure old school, straight up, H/C....whumped Rodney, angsty Sheppard...just the way I like them. *G*  I received my copy in the mail this week and it's a gorgeous zine.  So Go! Order it!  What are you waiting for?

Also, my fic, Dangling Participles, from Jumper 3 expires on June 1, so expect to see it posted here around that date.  Also turned in my Genficathon fic to, hopefully, be claimed by someone to make accompanying artwork before the posting begins in June.  It's a fun addition to the ficathon that I can't wait to see!

Yay, fanfic!
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