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SGA Genficathon is now open

I'm late in posting this, but the sga_genficathon is now open. I do have a fic in it but because all stories are posted anonymously to begin with, I can't tell you when it will show up or what it is called until after the author reveal. For those not familiar with the ficathon it posts a different genre of story each day. So far they have posted friendship and angst with team, humor, acton/adventure,au, and secondary character appreciation still to go. Then it starts all over again the following week before being opened up for general posting of more stories that were not part of the challenge portion.  There are always plenty of great fic to be found there and this year there is the added bonus of artwork to go with the fic.

So go, read, and share the love of SGA gen fic!

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