liketheriverrun (liketheriverrun) wrote,

FIC: Technically Genetically... (SGA gen)

The Author Reveal has taken place over at sga_genficathon , and as promised, here's the link to my fic (click on the title below).

Title:  Technically Genetically (or Complete with Goatees).  Written for the 2011 sga_genficathon 
Genre: Humor
Characters: The Team
Rating: T.
Prompt:  This town ain't big enough for the both of us.
Word Count: 5,300
Rating: PG
Warnings: Bad tropes and sci-fi cliches abound.
Summary: All clones are evil. Everyone knows that.
Notes: Thanks to Koschka and Kodiak Bear for their beta help. All remaining mistakes are my own.

And special thanks to trishkafibble for doing the *hilarious* artwork to accompany the piece!

Tags: fanfic, stargate atlantis, team

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