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Master Fic List

I've been wanting to do this for a while seeing as my fics are starting to get spread all over creation, so I finally broke down and took the time to compile all my fics with links.  I've also posted the link to the Master Fic List up above in my LJ header, so if you're ever looking for one of my fics, just click there and you'll find the list.  I'll keep updating as stories are added.  Oh, and FYI, the series should be read in the order they are listed (top to bottom) as they build on one another.




Stargate Atlantis Gen Fics


The Dictionary Series (should be read in the order listed, top to bottom) PDF Link


Redux- Pajama-clad assassins plus a poison dart plus a bedside vigil plus personal introspection equals angst with a touch of humor.


Subterfuge- The team suffers separation anxiety, Sheppard gets whumped by the Genii, and McKay MacGyvers a bomb out of an MRE.


Triptych- Genetic manipulation, Smurf loogies, nudity, Freudian analysis, and ravenous frogs.


Steady State-  Sheppard touches something he shouldn’t, McKay deals with the consequences, Kavanagh gets a new hair style and Zelenka sings!


Imbroglio- Zelenka gets whumped, McKay and Sheppard get attached, and situations get… misconstrued. Fluff, smut, and pseudoslash abound!


White Lie-  What’s a little white lie among friends? Especially when you’re making a life or death run for the gate.


Asylum- Sometimes it’s easier to live the fantasy than accept the reality. And sometimes your best friend keeps shoving it in your face.


Frequency- What's the frequency, Rodney? The team finds that on a hostile planet, the radio can be your best friend, especially when that's the only way you can talk to each other.


Tomb- Dead kings, culture shock, and an Ancient trash compactor. Sheppard and McKay find themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time, yet again.


The Confidence Game-  Carson atones for past sins and Sheppard ends up paying the price. Radek wears the cloak of command…as well as his tuxedo, and Rodney end up with a gun pointed at him…yet again.


Negotiate - When McKay is taken prisoner on an alien world, it's up the rest of his team to get him back…including their own brand of negotiating.


Floccinaucinihilipilification- floc•ci•nau•ci•ni•hil•i•pil•i•fi•ca•tion (flok"su-nô"su-nī"hil-u-pil"u-fi-kā'shun), noun, act or habit of estimating or describing something as worthless, or making something to be worthless by said means.



The Point of View Series (should be read in the order listed, top to bottom)


TokensTag for Hot Zone. John and Rodney discuss SG1, friendship, and a road trip to Vegas.


Sentry Duty-  Lt Ford’s POV while he watches over McKay as he cares for an injured Sheppard on a hostile planet.


GamesTag for Sanctuary. Teyla’s POV. Take one disabled jumper, two bickering men, and a squadron of pursuing Wraith darts. Add a dollop of humor and mix well. No’ ship but friendship and the jumper!


Casting Stones-  Kavahaugh POV as he joins the team on what is supposed to be a simple mission. Of course everything goes down hill from there.


Bugs in the System- Weir POV as Atlantis is once again on the verge of destruction with only our favorite boys to save the day.


Fall From Grace-  Beckett POV before, during, and after Letters From Pegasus, with a little added twist.


Name, Rank, and Cereal Boxes- Sheppard and McKay finally get that trip to Vegas… and deal with the ramifications of early Season 2. Spoilers up to and including ‘Trinity’.


Infans Cursus Semper Fidelias-  A Marine’s work is never done, especially when he is put in charge of watching Rodney McKay. Lorne’s point of view as he serves as the few, the proud… the babysitter.


The Warrior of Oz-  Ronon’s point of view as he learns that you really never can go home again… unless the gate screws up and sends you there.


The Wait of Water-  Evidently you can’t have too many Grace Under Pressure tags. Zelenka’s point of view as he and Sheppard help McKay decompress.


One on One-  Why confront your issues when you can get drunk and play basketball instead? Tag for Common Ground.


Vicious Circle-  The unnamed Canadian stargate technician: the unsung hero of the control room and the unnoticed witness to a conversation about the circular nature of life. Tags for Phantoms and McKay and Mrs. Miller combined into a compact little oneshot.


Death and the Astrophysicist-  Sometimes giving your life for Atlantis just isn’t enough. Peter Grodin’s POV as Atlantis is once again under siege from an old enemy.


The Last Gate-  The Daedalus crew POV as they help the Atlantis team retrieve what is supposed to be the last stargate for the Intergalactic Gate Bridge. Did you notice I said supposed to be?


Beast of Burden- Ronon's POV as John and Rodney come to terms with the events of Sunday and the burdens they have to bear.



Stand Alone Gen Fics


The Cassandra Effect- Budget cuts at the SGC have the team feeling a little threatened


The Ghost of Christmas Could Have Been- A Christmas tale where the team is forced to consider the choices they’ve made along the way and how the effects of alternate decisions could have changed the fates of them all.


Gravy- Eventually you realize it's all gravy from here on out. Response to Tipper's Poetry challenge.


Velocity Asymptotic- Just because they’ve been sent back to Earth, doesn’t mean the adventures stop. John and Rodney run afoul of McKay’s new project in Area 51 and it’s just like old times. 

Endless Impossibilities- The Atlantis expedition accomplishes the impossible everyday. Why should today be any different? Especially when Sheppard has been drugged and thinks his team has turned against him.


Therianthropy of the Soul- It was funny how the Wraith always did that to him, turned him into an animal... wild or domesticated it didn't really matter.


So Little Space, So Much Time- Trapped in a downed Jumper, the team has to deal with an injured Sheppard as well as each other, which is harder than it seems. Team fic. Image heavy.


Connect the Dots- Teyla Emmagan had always considered herself an Athosian, but for two and a half years she had been something more, and no matter how much she grounded herself in her Athosian heritage, she knew that alone would always seem a little less than it had before. Missing scenes for The Return.


The Therapeutic Properties of Coffee- What if Rodney really had asked Katie Brown to marry him?


It's a Small Universe After All- One man’s alien world is another’s vacation destination.


The Five Stages of Dessert- There was some strange connection, he had decided, between pastries and mourning. By the looks of things, he had obviously entered the buttercream stage, which evidently rested somewhere between denial and chocolate ganache if you combined the five stages of grief with a dessert menu.  


Filling In The BlanksSheppard’s grin just grew at the way he could hear the sarcasm even though McKay remained completely silent. He could hear it as clearly as he had heard the entire unspoken exchange they’d had under the house on the mission, his time he’d spent with the scientist allowing John to fill in the blanks of their conversations even when he was the only one talking. 


Prison Break- When the team becomes trapped in an Ancient prison, it's up to Rodney to bust them out of their individual cells.  The problem is, it's all in their minds.

Ghost Town- An abandoned Ancient outpost, a town culled by Wraith ten thousand years before, and four souls left behind.


Crossing LinesSo many choices, so many consequences, so many lines crossed, and for some, there was no crossing back. Which was why Rodney would be haunted in the night by one hundred and fifty thousand faceless dead, and why John would always be haunted by the dying face of the one.  Tag for Miller's Crossing.


Lessons Learned- Tag for Quarantine because John did promise Rodney he'd take him out for a beer later that night.


Thanks for the MemoriesI never thanked him for finding a way to keep me alive, even after he was long dead. I never thanked him for talking to me while I fought my way through the sandstorm. I never thanked him for sharing his memories of all the pain he had experienced over the years so that we could avoid them this time around. Tag for The Last Man.


Sibling Rivalry - And perhaps this is the real reason why she did not let her two teammates know she can hear them, because when they are comfortably at ease in one another’s company, the men on her team can be delightfully boyish. 


Don Juan McKay and Other Universal Improbabilities- While tracking down a lead to find the Athosians, the team is arrested on a secretive planet. Little do they realize how their plan of escape can change the course of history for the world where they're being held and their escapades will become the stuff of legends.

Never Wanted to Dance (With Nobody but You)
No, being a bodyguard isn’t glamorous; but, then again, I’m not your typical bodyguard. And Dr. Rodney McKay isn’t exactly your run of the mill, multimillionaire-industrialist-genius.


Mad Science- Captured on an alien planet and turned against Atlantis, Sheppard and McKay aren't sure they're working on the same team anymore.


Stopgap Behind him he could hear Ronon still coughing. Given how long the Satedan had been submerged going into the icy waters after Sheppard, Rodney was actually surprised he hadn’t had to choose which of his teammates he would perform CPR on first.

Requisite Items- Not all requisite items can be ordered from Earth. Tag to Search and Rescue.


Being The Guy - Being the guy isn't always easy when you can't be there like you want for one of your teammates. Tag for Seed and Search and Rescue


Playing the Game - Sometimes you gauge your ascent up the ladders just right to avoid the big monkey throwing a barrage of barrels at you, and sometimes you stumble onto a reality-shifting spaceship... Because John was just totally enthralled with his PSP in that final scene. Tag to Daedalus Variation


The Threat of a Lullaby - John takes the night shift watching over Rodney. The Shrine missing scene.


Supplemental Education- Torren learns a few new words from Teyla's teammates.


The Battle of Canaan's Bluff-  Sheppard sights down his Henry rifle where he sprawls atop the bluff beside me, rechecking the approaching gang of men. "Canaan, you hold tight until I give the word. Is that clear?" AU western.


Bros Before 'Hos Rodney gets a little reassurance as to where he stands with his team. Tag to Outsiders.


Other Worlds - Teyla's thoughts during some pivotal scenes in The Prodigal with a smidge of h/c thrown in.


Hard Eight  - John's team tries to get him to open up about what happened on the Mainland. Tag for Remnants.


Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda - Caring for your injured CO isn't the easiest job for a Marine and Sheppard's isn't the only team on Atlantis.
              Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda Podfic as read by revolutionaryjo 

Dead in the Desert - Because McKay knew Sheppard was still out there in the desert and he wouldn't have just left him there. Tag for Vegas.


Road Trip- A team road trip back on Earth had seemed like a good idea... boy were they ever wrong.


Long Day’s Journey- A Jumper crash leaves the team injured and standed on a planet with no way to contact Atlantis for help.


I'll Take the Frakking Wraith Any Day -  "These people are fucking nuts," Sheppard hissed. SGA/BSG parody crossover. SGA gen but some BSG slash.


Cairns- Forced into a native rite of passage, the team must each face life and death challenges along their chosen path. The only catch is that it's up to you to choose that path for them. A Choose Your Own Adventure fic with artwork.


Snow Day- When Sheppard's Jumper goes down on a planet in the clutches of a blizzard, it's up to his team to find him before it's too late.


The Devil You Know- With Atlantis adrift in the Milky Way and on the verge of losing all power, the expedition is desperate to find a way to save the city.    The potential for help once again comes from an unlikely source− Todd, who’s desperate to save himself from starvation.  The offer, however, comes with a dangerous string attached for Sheppard, one that could jeopardize the lives of his entire team as they hatch a plan to travel back to Pegasus where a new Wraith Queen has set her sights on Todd’s Wraith alliance and domination of the galaxy.  With the fate of Atlantis in the balance, the team must contend not only with the Devil they know, but also the new one that they don’t. Part of the Beyond Atlantis Virtual Season 6.

Going Dutch When Sheppard comes down with an alien disease offworld, how far will McKay go to save his life?
Plowshare - The discovery of an alien race that predated the Ancients in Pegasus leads to something no one ever thought they would see-- peace. But is it worth the price they have to pay?



Stargate Atlantis Slash


Geeks and Goons Guides Series (Cowritten with Koschka under the penname likethekoschka) (should be read in the order listed, top to bottom)  PDF Link


The Geek’s Field Guide to Arachnids-  Big robot spider, slash, lemon bars, everyone almost dies... don't you love it?


The Goon's Guide To Mental Health-  Llamas. Windmills. Cheeseandangst sandwiches. Oh yeah...and slash.


The Geek’s Guide to Goon Warfare-  Kidnappings, Druglords, Red Chief, Snickerdoodles... and Slash


The Goon’s Guide to Rest and Relaxation-  Feathers, lava, amazons, and virility rites. Oh yeah, and tribbles.


The Physician’s Desk Reference to Geeks and Goons-  Purple spots, bats and rats, slash and a proposal...have you da wing?


The Geek's Guide the Military Vessels-  Naked aliens, cocoons, Johnny Cash, and boxer shorts. Happy Birthday, Colonel Sheppard.


The Geek’s and Goon’s Guide to Holidays-  Pissed off squirrels, redemption, and the Gift of the Magi. Christmas comes to Atlantis.


The Goon's Guide to Psychoanalysis-  Shrinks, near death and partial destruction, star wars action figures, and PETA. Free the squarks!


The Geek's Guide to First Times and Second Chances-  Peanuts, roller coasters, time travel, second chances, and Miko squared....and slash!


For Everything Else There's Master Card (ficlet)Carson discovers the joys of online dating…with help from Sheppard and McKay.


Rough Draft/Finished Product (ficlet)- Tag to McKay and Mrs. Miller set in the Geeks and Goons Guides universe.


Ode to a Grecian Formula- (ficlet)- John has a birthday and Rodney overreacts.


The Goon's Guide to Mind Control-  Brain chips, humping squarks, little green men, and a mint green house. All rolled up in slashy McSheppy goodness.


A Date That Will Live In Infamy (ficlet)- Valentine’s Day comes to Atlantis and Rodney feels the need to take John on a date he’ll never forget… if he doesn’t kill him in the process.


The Geek's Guide to World Domination- Teddy bears, self esteem, and mad scientist but no fricking laser beams! But it is slash!


The Geek's and Goon's Guide to Baby and Child Care-  Omelets, diapers, Nana and Freud, and slash but quiet slash while the baby sleeps.



Solo Slash and Preslash


Gift Horse- Nothing on Atlantis is ever easy…and that includes dating.


Careful Wishing-  When aliens try to make them do it but they refuse, the trouble is just beginning


Clean SlateAnd if he could just finish this task he had set for himself, clean away the residue of that single bullet that had traveled down the chamber and into Kolya’s chest, John would maybe, just maybe, be able to put the hostility and hate and hurt of that piece of shit rivalry behind him. Episode tag for Irresponsible


Healing ScarsSometimes scars don't need healing.  Sometimes they lead to a healing of their own.


Memento MimeographaEnds up the green scanning beam wasn't an alien answering machine after all.


MirrorsRemembrance and sharing,” the Chief told us again. “The talisman has great powers. It allows those that touch the Rememberer to see those things that are most important in his life, good and bad.”


The Pegasus Device- Detective John Sheppard and criminologist Dr. Rodney McKay thought they were just investigating another murder that rainy, Seattle night in 1940. They couldn't have been farther from the truth.
                          Podfic of The Pegasus Device as read by boom_queen 


Between the Lines- Sometimes wrinkles speak louder than words


Flight PlanAfter every fight, you need to be able to kiss and makeup. John and Rodney are no exception. Tag to Lifeline.


Attachments- There’s more than one way to be attached to someone.


Love Among the Inanimate-    Three things John and Rodney never were, but could have been. Pure crack.


On the Brink-  He can see it all‒ the cliff, the ocean, the rocky crags below, Ronon’s scruffy face above, John’s reassuring smile beside him, the future it holds, the promise of someone being there to catch him even if he falls…especially if he falls. All of it is poised before him if he’s only willing to take the chance.


Slither- I don’t think anyone that has done a stint on Atlantis could live anywhere that wasn’t by the water, not unless they had hated their time there. And Rodney had loved Atlantis, loved her so much he had given her up so that she could have what he thought she needed most… me.


I'll Take You DreamingWith Rodney and Teyla trapped in a dream, it's up to John and Ronon to find a way in before they can help their teammates find a way out.


Three Wishes - When Rodney gets a little too in touch with his feminine side, John realizes how dangerous wishes can be.


Secondary AidA man could die out here in the roiling gray below him, slip silently below the simmering waves and be dead from shock and hypothermia before he even had a chance to swallow icy salt water and drown.


Lost and Found  - Woolsey takes a wrong turn and ends up lost and Rodney finds something in his bathtub. Tag for Broken Ties.


Maintaining Control - Just because you're in command doesn't mean you can control everything that happens. 


With…With… that’s a word I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. It’s such a simple word, short, common, and easily overlooked, until you start realizing how dependent you’ve become on the concept. Tag for The Shrine.


Jealousy is the Best Policy - John gets a little jealous of Rodney's "date" with Jennifer. Tag for Tracker.


In the Arms of Atlas - “So, what?” Sheppard demanded. “The Ancients built this planet their own personal Death Star?” When Rodney grinned wickedly at the idea, John saw where the scientist’s thoughts were going and grinned in return. “Think we could build one of our own?”


Rules of Engagement- With Sheppard and McKay held captive by a hostile force, it's up to Caldwell to oversee their rescue.


Water, Sweat, Scotch - Trapped on a desert planet with minimal supplies, John and Rodney must try to survive and hope that Atlantis will come for them. Alternate ending for Inquisition.


Greener Grasses- You would think being a hostage in a bank robbery would be the biggest surprise of your day, but if you're Jeannie Miller and your brother comes to visit, you'd be wrong.

Love and Medicine-   So, while questions about love might have been appropriate at another time and place, now, with an arrow threatening to bleed the man dry, it seemed rather odd.
Cold Feet- Weddings weren’t John’s favorite way to pass the time. Yet, here he was, not only attending the ceremony, but a member of the wedding party.

Love and the Art of Firearm Maintenance- Rodney McKay had never really been interested in gun maintenance. John Sheppard was about to change that.

Day One - Conventional wisdom holds that everything has a beginning, a place where the story starts to unfold, a date on the calendar that can be circled and declared as day one. Unfortunately, that point in time had never been clear cut for John.



Stargate Atlantis Graphic Novels


A Bed Too SmallThe epic tale of how John and  Rodney fell in love and fell out of bed. (slash)


Laying Odds- The ethereal tale of the Atlantean afterlife and sports book. (speculative slash)


Greetings From a River in EgyptFor everyone who's decided the team must be in total denial over what Teyla's recent weight gain really means. (Gen)


A Mother's LoveThe heartwarming tale of one woman's search for a father for her child. (Slash)


That Which Does Not Kill Us - The inspiring tale of a team strengthening their bond through group therapy (aka, five secrets about the team that came out in therapy) (Slash)

Love's Splendid Journey- The passionate tale of two men as they endeavoured to recapture the romance in their lives. (Slash)

Stargate Atlantis Zine Fics 


 Negotiate (gen)- Jumper One (Published May 2006)

Slither (slash)- Surfacing (Published February 2007)

Mad Science (gen)- Jumper Two (Published May 2007)

Snow Day (gen)- Brotherhood 5 (Published May 2008)

Going Dutch (gen)-
Brotherhood 7 (Published May 2009)

Dangling Participles (gen)- Jumper 3 (Published May 2010)

Link to My Other Fandom Fanfics


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