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Vacation Time and THANKS!!!!!!

First off, I was just over cleaning out my inbox when I notices an email from LJ with the subject line Permanent Account Upgrade.  Hmmmm. I thought, what's this?  So I opened it and OMG!!!!! I had an anonymous gift of a permanent account!!!!!  You have no idea how absolutely that made my day... hell, my week!!!!  I'm so excited I can't keep my finger off the exclamation point key!!!!!!  I can't wait to make more userpics.  Squeee!!!!  And *never* have to pay again!!!!!  

Seriously, to whoever was so wonderfully thoughtful to do something that nice, sweet, giving, flattering and every other positive adjective in the thesaurus.....  Thank You!!!               Thank You!!!!                                        Thank You!!!!

                                                                                                     THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, my husband's a little jealous.  He thinks I have a secret admirer.  But it's good for him. *G*

Now then, the second part of this is to let you know that I'm boarding a plane tomorrow morning and heading back to Tennessee to spend the week with my family.  The kiddies have been back there with my mom for the past two weeks... ah, the blessed sound of silence and the lack of toys in the floor.  Hubby and I are flying in, spending a day or two visiting family there, then driving with my mom and kids up to the Smoky Mt, meeting my brother and his family, and spending the week in a cabin in the mountains.  So, needless to say, I won't have internet access and be able to respond if anyone leaves a comment, or post anything new.  I'll have to play catch up when I get back next weekend.  But I will have the laptop in case something strikes me... need something to do on the plane anyway since I don't have kids to entertain... at least on the flight out.

So, once again, a humongous THANK YOU!!!!! to my anonymous benefactor, and have a very happy and safe Fourth of July!!!


Tags: real life

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