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I'm baaaaaack!

Vacation is over, kids are home, computers are *finally* back up and running at work (nothing like coming back to work after a week with all the catch up that you need to do only to have the computers go down two hours after logging in and stay down until almost that same time the next day) and I finally got a chance to slip on the home computer longer than five minutes and post a quick entry.

I finally started a new fic today (SPN) at least inspired by portions of my trip (there were blackberries all around our cabin and picked them almost everyday.  Made a cobbler and have the poison ivy and chiggers to prove it)  I didn't get to write any on the trip but I made some new icons, still that wasn't the same as writing.  I was starting to twitch since it had been almost two weeks since I last wrote anything.  The time change from Eastern to Pacific has thrown me for a loop.  I'm wide awake at 3 am every morning.  The down side is I'm a zombie by the time I get home.  The up side is that I've been getting up and working out a bit before I go to work... I'm not sure it's a worthwhile trade.

Quick rundown of the trip... had a blast at Dollywood: son *loves* the river rampage ride; the entire place is worked by senior citizens (which is actually kind of nice compared to teenagers behind the controls at all the other places); funnel cakes doused in chocolate sauce...'nough said.  Shopped lots in Gatlinburg, went to the Aquarium on the Smokies (which is a very nice aquarium for one so small), bought lots of candy (hence the need for working out at 5 am), hubby ran into a mama bear and cub on the trail and was two hours late for our rendezvous point as a result (plus the ranger was an idiot and couldn't measure distance on the map); met my 8 month old nephew for the first time (sweet, good natured baby even though he was teething and that kept him up most of the night), saw my nearly 3 yr old niece for the first time since she was about a year old (who incidentally has night terrors and kept us up screaming for two nights), thanked God my kids are sleeping through the night regularly now.  Saw wild turkey, deer, and had a skunk make the rounds in front of our cabin every night.  Sat out in the hottub on the patio almost every night and cohabitated peacefully with my mother and brother and his family for the entire week.  

So, all in all, it was a nice trip and as much as I hated to leave, I am soooooo happy to be sleeping in my own bed again.

Like I said, I've started a new SPN fic but it will probably be next week before it's posted.  In the meantime, I hope to post a fic I wrote for the Jumper One Zine (called Negotiate) this weekend... if I can find the final file.  Hey, it's been a year since the Zine came out and even longer than that since I wrote the damn thing!  So be on the lookout for that if you haven't read it yet.
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