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Comicon Here We Come!

My bags are packed and I'm almost ready to hit the road to Saaaaaan Diego!  Robyn flies in at 11 am and hopefully we will be heading south on I-15 before noon with a couple of Capastrami sandwiches to hold us over until we reach Baker and can grab a milkshake at the Mad Geek Greek.  Then it's on to So Cal to register and get our sneak peek at the exhibit hall.

A few panels on Thursday; SG-1 and  SGA and Kevin Smith are on  Friday; SPN and Heroes are on Saturday; and maybe we'll just skip the mess on Sunday and go eat pie in Julian instead before heading back. *G*  And somewhere in there we hope to squeeze in some beach time, La Jola, Old Town and few other things.  Sleep?  Who needs sleep?  Gah!

Robyn (a.k.a Rob Thurman) will be signing books on Friday in Booth 1119 Mysterious Galaxy/Putnam Penguin from 5-6 pm.  If you're there, stop by and say howdy and get your copy of Nightlife or Moonshine signed... or buy one if you haven't read it already.  Robyn has tons of people to meet and greet (editors, fans, a few people that help her with background info on the books and maybe even a couple of people from various fandoms) so it should be fun to meet all these people and hang for a bit.... and maybe our alter egos will even get to work on the Geek's and Goon's Guide we just started.

Oh, the house we're staying at doesn't have an internet connection and the wireless in my laptop is busted so chances are I won't be around to post any Con updates, photos, etc, or respond to any comments until late Sunday or Monday. But when I get back, I hope to have tons of photos to share!

Let the fan girl squeeeeeeeing begin!
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