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The big, massive Comicon Report- Part 1

So, I’m back and exhausted and have no desire to get behind the wheel of my car for a long time to come. But we got to see our two major goals of Stargate and Supernatural and we had a few surprise appearances and few surprise absences but overall had a great time.  The report itself is long and rambling and contains a few tiny spoilers but honestly, they didn't tell us anything.

 We arrived Wednesday evening, promptly got lost following the directions provided by Comicon and nearly ended up in Mexico. But once I had my maps out, I was able to find the Convention Center and we registered, went and met Robyn’s editor and checked out the exhibit halls for an hour or so. Holy shit! Just… holy shit! People and more people and even more people, and this was just the preview night! When we were finally starving near unto death, we went down to Anthony’s on the waterfront and had fish and chips then made it back to the house around 9 p.m Pacific time. Robyn had been up since 4 a.m. Eastern time, and had literally walked off the plane to get in my car and not get out until we reached the house in San Diego, after a quick change of clothes, we had headed to the Con, so she was pretty much a walking zombie by the time we got to bed.
Thursday there weren’t any panels we wanted to see, so we slept in a little, headed to the beach at Torrey Pines for a few hours before grabbing a sandwich and heading for the trolley. We parked at Qualcomm stadium and took the trolley in every day, which worked great except for Saturday, but I’ll get to that in a minute. We just decided to use Thursday as a get familiar with the place day… found the various rooms we needed for the panels we wanted, got tons of free stuff in the exhibit hall, met up with b7_kerravon   (who was dressed as a killer Edward from Full Metal Alchemist and kept having people ask to take her picture), got *more* free stuff, then went to dinner with Robyn’s editor in the Gas Lamp Quarter.
The MGM booth was very small relative to a lot of other booths, but they were giving out buttons and I kept going back to get a new one as they changed. I ended up with my full set of four… SG-1, SGA, and one for each of the SG-1 movies coming out- Ark of Truth and Continuum. They also had Fantastic Sam’s there offering to shave people’s heads and spray on either an Atlantis or SG-1 tattoo. We settled for the ones that are sprayed on your arm *G*. Hey, I’m a die hard fan, but not *that* die hard. They’ll just have to take my JUMPR1 license plate as proof of my devotion to the show. 

MGM Booth

So, at one point, we were standing around the Sci Fi booth, which is just this big amorphous shape and no swag beyond a purple metallic bag to carry crap in. But they had little preprinted cards lying around with the schedules for all the Sci Fi show panels and who was showing up. So I picked on up and was looking at it and OMG! it says Joe Flanigan is going to be at the SGA panel. Now all the *official* Comicon descriptions don’t list Joe and these seemed to be printed off in advance, *plus* they list Jewel Staite twice on the thing so I’m thinking it must be a typo but secretly hoping against hope that it’s right.
Next morning, Friday, we are up early, catch the first special even trolley out at 8:36 am, arrive at the convention center a little after nine, and go straight up to Ballroom 20 where the SG panels are to be held. Originally, they were supposed to screen the pilot for Reaper at 11 am and the SG-1 panel was to start at 12:15. But they moved the Reaper screening to that night to go with the Kevin Smith panel since he directed the pilot, which just makes me a little more curious about checking out the show this fall. Anyway, with that being moved, the SG stuff were the first events in the room that day. So we walk in to the room which seats about 5,000 people and find a seat up in the first section near the center. There are already a couple hundred people in the room, so good move on our part to get there early. [info]b7_kerravon joined us a little bit later (she had gone to stand in line to get tickets for the autograph session and we had decided to skip that, which it sounds like was a good idea since the report she gave us later was that the line was moving so fast that they didn’t even look up from what they were signing. No interaction with them at all, which is too bad.)
The Save Carson contingent was out if full force, handing out Scottish flags and tams for people to wear, and we just chatted, taking turns going for bathroom breaks and saving seats. The concession stands were offering Atlantis Water (I shit you not!) and I kept threatening to buy some because the label has the gate and pics of all the cast on it, but it was $2.75 for a freakin’ bottle of water (can we say rip-off? I paid $8 for a tuna sandwich the next day. Gah!) but [info]b7_kerravon  was nice enough to surprise me with a bottle when she came back from a soda run. Heeeee! She also gave us each a gorgeous necklace she had hand beaded and had a stargate as the main pendant. So I probably got the best SGA swag from [info]b7_kerravon. *VBG*
So, *finally* they start setting up the table for the SG-1 panel and they put out all the names… then come take Michael Shank’s name plate away. Sigh. No Daniel. There is much lamenting. But then they bring out Gary Jones to moderate and OMG he is hilarious. He starts out with a funny bit about a line he always wanted to deliver but never got to and its right below this paragraph because I took some video. Then he introduces the panel… Martin Wood, Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, and Robert Cooper.

The Line Gary Jones always wanted to deliver

First impressions… Ben is drunk, or has just rolled out of bed, or both. His hair is literally standing up all over the place. It makes Sheppard’s hair look absolutely tame in comparison. Then he jumps up on one of the chairs and is waving his arms, much to the joy of the crowd and confirmation of my previous assessment. Amanda is gorgeous. Really, seriously, the best she has *ever* looked. Her hair is down below her shoulders, she’s smiling, she has *her* digital camera out taking pictures of the crowd and seems to be having a blast. Christopher looks great, wearing this pale green shirt and matching hat… very hip and chic and he has *hair* and he has the biggest most infectious smile. And, oh yeah, Wood and Cooper were there, too.

The Many Faces of SG-1

They talk about the movies, they talk about what it was like working on SG-1 all those years, people ask questions about working with the military advisors on the show, Martin Wood makes several attempts at humor, Christopher Judge has us rolling with his stories, and we don’t really learn much new at all.
Highlights: The first question has someone asking what they have against doctors on the show. Heeeee. The crowd goes wild with that question and the flags start flying. Martin Wood says, “The problem with doctors is that when they get injured, there’s no one there to save them.” Robert Cooper says, “It’s not really doctors we hate, it’s Scottish people.” You can only imagine the groan and boo’s that accompanied that joke. Martin Wood keeps giving these long elaborate spoilerish answers to questions then ends them by saying, “No, no, I’m just kidding.” Gary Jones finally tells him after the third time that he needs to use the rule of three in comedy and stop doing that.    But the main gist for the movies is Ark of Truth with be on video in the spring 2008 and it deals with finding what looks like the Lost Ark since it contains a weapon that can stop the Ori. Continuum is set in the Arctic and deals with time travel… somehow. 
They talked a lot about shooting Continuum… how gorgeous it was in the Arctic, how the Navy volunteered to help and crashed a nuclear submarine up through the ice for them, Ben and Amanda making snow angels out on an ice flow while waiting for a shot, Christopher refusing to go because of a fear of polar bears. Seriously, that was his reason. He explained that it was because of all the cast, he was the most seal-like in color so they would go after him first.
Amanda talked about Santuary for a bit, Ben deflected a question about webisodes for Farscape but did say they were in the works, Christopher will be working on a new project called Dark something (sorry, my mind isn’t remembering things right now!), and they said yes they were working on a second spin off of the franchise but no details. At the end, Christopher tried to call Michael to ask him a question someone had and that was hilarious. He called first and someone else answered so he said hang up and I’ll call back to leave a message. So he calls back and they pick up again. And he’s trying to explain what he wants and this person just isn’t getting it. So he tries again and they had turned on the fax machine. So he calls the cell phone and Michael’s wife answers and he asks to talk to Michael and she tells him that Michael is in the bathroom, which he announces to the audience. Heeeee. But that just meant we didn’t get to talk to him.

SG-1 Panel

Now it was time for SGA. They have fifteen minute break and start setting up the table… and they set in a hand written card with JOE FLANIGAN. Squeeeeeee! Now, if I had to choose which of the two to see at a con, Joe or David, I’d go with David because Joe is so incredibly laid back and reserved in any interview I’ve seen whereas David is usually a ball of energy. But to have them *BOTH*… sheer heaven. Unfortunately, they seated Jewel and Amanda between them *GRRRRRR* so I only got one shot of them together and that was when they were lost trying to find their seats. But going back through my photos I took, it looks something like this…Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, David, David, David, David, David, Amanda but just because she was leaning into David, Joe, Joe, Joe, Jewel, Joe and Jewel, Joe and Jewel and Amanda and David, David, David, David, Joe, Joe… You get the idea. The panel also included Martin Wood, Robert Cooper, and Joe Mallozzi… oh and some VP of programming at Sci Fi. Once again, Amanda, David and Mallozzi all come out with their cameras and take tons of pictures and video themselves. I think Mallozzi may have filmed the entire thing from where he sat.

The Many Faces of David

The Many Faces of Joe

And Amanda and Jewel 

And the four cast members

Sci Fi has posted the entire panel up on their website here. So, I’m not going to go into too much detail since you can actually just go and watch the entire thing, but here are my overall impressions.
The panel was *much* more reserved than SG-1. I think it had a lot to do with how big it was and how the actors really didn’t get a chance to say much. I thought it was hilarious when Mallozzi announced at the beginning that he personally loved Scottish people with a meaningful glance at Cooper. For me the most revealing things came in the preview clip they showed and didn’t put in the Sci Fi post. So, I’m going to try to remember the highlights of it now. 

Skip the next paragraph if you want to be spoiler free:
The footage starts out with an extended scene with John and a new bimbo…I’m assuming this one is from the episode Travelers and had the tag new allies. She’s swapping barbs with John in a very flirtatious manner (something about not firing his guns too soon and that he probably hears that from women all the time) and he seems to be flirting back, which is annoying on one hand, but hopefully means my worst fears won’t be realized and John won’t be Teyla’s baby daddy. Koschka swears there was a scene with John fisting up Rodney’s shirt and John saying angrily, “This won’t work!” and Rodney glaring back evilly insisting, “Yes, it will!” How I missed that, I have no idea. So I’m starting to think she made it up. But I do remember a scene with Rodney laying on a gurney, his shirt cut open, Keller standing over him in a hazmat-type suit with paddles and turning and telling John and some others in a slightly dazed voice, “He’s dead.” So yay, Rodney whump! A quick cut of Teyla and Keller in the woods (I read in the TV Guide preview edition that there will be a Thelma and Louise type episode with the two of them). Oh, and near the beginning they had John standing with Carter telling her, “By the way, congratulations on your promotion to full bird colonel.” And then he gives her a quick half salute. And she smiles and says thanks. So, I guess she does get her promotion and that removes any doubt about who outranks who. I honestly can’t remember anything else except the usual running and yelling and explosions type scenes that go by so fast you’re not really sure what you just saw. And the fact that Ronon maybe showed up in a fast little clip once. The new bimbo got more screen time than he did. Hell, she got more screen time than probably anyone else. Sigh.

Okay, it's safe to start reading again if you want to remain spoiler free.
After the panels, we ran to grab some food then we had just enough time to get back for Robyn’s book signing. I had originally planned to attend Kevin Smith’s panel but the line was outside the convention center by midmorning, so no chance of that happening. Hung with Robyn (book signing went very well, btw!) for a bit then took off to a fan panel for Stargate with[info]b7_kerravon. We were running a few minutes late and when we got to the room there were people standing around outside and I was afraid the room was full. So I asked one of the people and they said, no plenty of room.  Then I noticed the person the people were milling around looked familiar. Joe Mallozi was standing outside the door signing autographs. So we squeeze past them and there is this huge cheer going up in the room. I step in the door and am literally almost run over by Ben Browder who is running up the aisle giving high fives to people. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I instinctively stepped aside and he went on past. Then Martin Wood, Joe Mallozi, and eventually Ben all sat down and chatted for a few minutes. There were maybe 50 to 100 people in the room. Totally cool. Unfortunately my batteries had died in my camera half way through the SGA panel (moan, wail) and they really didn’t reveal anything else of any interest, but Ben signed a few autographs and looked a little more sober than he did earlier.  Heeee. 
They left a few minutes later, we stayed and played a few games.   [info]b7_kerravon won third place for her SGA costume. They did a dating game with Jack, Daniel, and Rodney. The Rodney was great, had the attitude and even looked a good deal like him and I took Robyn’s picture with him afterward. 

Then we headed for Petco Stadium for a screening of 300. I’d seen it before, Robyn hadn’t, but we got a great swag bag and they played it on the giant screen. Had an hour worth of previews before hand with some people in the movies coming out and taking a bow. Then Frank Miller himself introduced the movie, so that was pretty damn neat. By the time it was over and we took the trolley home it was midnight. Gah! Exhausted and up early the next day, but well worth it.
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