liketheriverrun (liketheriverrun) wrote,

FIC: Never Say Never (I Might Like You Better If We Slept Together) (SGA AU Slash)

Title: Never  Say Never (I Might Like You Better if We Slept Together) Or Five Time John and Rodney Tried to Keep Secrets and One Time They No Longer Had To
Genre: slash with some h/c, romance, humor, etc
Characters: John and Rodney
Rating: T.
Word count: ~ 17,700
Warning: None
Spoilers: Not much since its  AU but it has shades of actual events
Author Notes: Koschka wanted a slashy follow up to Never Wanted to Dance (With Nobody but You), my AU spy fic from way back in 2008.  This was supposed to be her Christmas present but it turned into an early 4th of July gift.  Better late than never.  just fair warning, if you haven't read the first fic, this one won't make much sense.  Also, the first is Gen and this is Slash!
Summary:If being a spy wasn't dangerous enough, Sheppard and McKay have to go and fall in love. Missing scenes and slash follow-up to Never Wanted to Dance (With Nobody But You).

Both the original and this new follow-up can be found on my AO3 account here.
Tags: fanfic, john sheppard, rodney mckay, slash, stargate atlantis

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