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New Zine Fic: There But By the Grace of Quantum Physics Go I

Wow, I really should be better at posting more than once a year, but unfortunately, that's about how often I ever get the chance to write a fic.  And I'm highly negligent in even posting this notice of a new zine fic that will debut at MediaWest this year.  Brate and her crew have once more convinced me to write a crossover fic for Crossing the Gate volume II. The zine features cross over fics between SGA and/or SG1 and other fandoms such as Mag 7, Teen Wolf, Person Of Interest, Big Bang Theory, Sentinel, and yes, mine, which is a follow up to my SGA/Sherlock fic I did for last years zine.  This time there's twice the Rodney, twice the Sherlock, and four times the Johns thanks to a quantum mirror and a peek into a multiverse where things got a little jumbled.  Details from  Brate are bellow:

We're back again with another edition of "Cross the Gate." We asked our authors for more stories with multiple fandoms crossed with Stargate SG-1 and/or Stargate: Atlantis, and they came through in spectacular fashion!
"Cross the Gate Vol. II" will be premiering Memorial Day weekend, May 22-26 2014 at the MediaWest Convention in Lansing, Michigan.

Contributing authors:

Sheila Paulson


Deb Walsh

Blue Abyss



The zine format is a perfect-bound 6"x9" paperback, and contains 242 pages of fic. Story titles and summaries are listed at the site. All of the stories are brand new, and will not be posted online for one year after publication.

Cross the Gate Vol. II is $20 in person at the con, and $25.60 mail (cont. U.S.). We take Paypal, or you can email me for an address where you can send a check or money order.

Please be aware, this will be a limited print run. Once we run out, the zine will no longer be available.

I will be posting last years zine fic, Playing Nice in the Sandbox, around the end of the month once it expires. So you don't have any excuse not to go buy this gorgeous zine (I received my trib copy just last week!).

Go! Order! Read! Enjoy! Celebrate fandom!
Tags: fanfic, sherlock bbc, stargate atlantis, zine

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