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FIC: How to Conjugate a Relationship- H50 Slash

First off, yes, I'm still alive!  Suffice to say, life in general is good, work is crazy, and writing has been pretty much nonexistent for some time because of the the work and life thing.  However, against all odds, I have written a new fic in a new fandom.

So, rewind to about August of this past year and hubby says, "Hey, I watch a couple of episodes of Hawaii Five-0 last nigh on Netflix.  It wasn't bad."  I say, "Really?!? Hawaii Five-0?  Well, maybe I'll watch a couple eps while you're gone this weekend and see what I think."  Fast forward to Sunday evening when hubby returns...."I'm eight episodes in and you need to sit down and catch up now!"  After that, we averaged about a season a week.  So, yeah, we binge watched seven seasons in two months and finally caught up to the current season 8.  All I have to say is WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS SHOW SOONER?!?!?

It is seriously like fanfic on the screen and the promos for the show tell you nothing about the stuff that makes it so damn fun.  There is honest to God H/C!  There's humor, there's snark, there's TEAM!  (Dear God how I have missed TEAM LOVE!) There's bromance, and holy hell, they say I LOVE YOU to each other!

So, yeah, I wrote H50 fic that was supposed to be a short little vingette inspired by an article about how young men these days prefer snuggling with their friends more than dating women.  That turned into several vingettes then suddenly this overarching case appeared, that grew to become the FIC THAT ATE RIVER'S BRAIN.

Anywho... here's the deets:

Title: How to Conjugate a Relationship
Genre: Slash, h/c, angst, humor, etc
Characters: Steve and Danny and oh, hell, most everyone plays in this one.
Rating: T.
Word count: ~ 46,500 (Yes, you read the right and no, it is not a typo)
Warning: None
Spoilers: Set mid-season 8 but anything and everything up to that point is fair game.
Author Notes:  See above and more at AO3 where it is posted.
Summary:Steve and Danny flirt, seduce, share a bed, solve a case, and fall in love...but not necessarily in that order.

Also, just an FYI, I'll have an expired SGA gen zine fic to post here in a few months from the final Jumper Zine.
Tags: danny williams, fanfic, h50, slash, steve mcgarrett

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