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So this is what you get when Koschka and I chat....

.... during the rerun of All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2.  Kos is on Eastern time and I'm on Pacific so she watches it three hours before I do, and we chat about the eps during reruns and she drops hints about eps that are first run.

Koschka: I still can’t believe Dean’s heart wasn’t healed by a bucket of KFC.
River:  It is amazing, seeing as it now has no transfats.
Koschka:  I know! That being a heavenly miracle itself should’ve risen Sam instantly.
River:  Bobby standing with the bucket-- Did you rub a wing on him?
Koschka:  Bobby-- Swear, I've seen it work before.
River:  Bobby-- Try a thigh. He is dead, maybe it takes a thigh.
Koschka:  Later Sam is sniffing his arm—Why do I smell like chicken grease?
River:  Sam—And what is this biscuit doing in my pants?
Koschka:  Oh, sorry, my bad. That’s my biscuit, never mind.
River:  Oh, btw, I may have to go to Chuck E. Cheeses tonight. Moan.
Koschka:  That is the true Hell. Wave to Dean there.
River:  Maybe I’ll see their dad there clawing his way out of the ball pit.
Koschka:  Yeah, that was a very, very good, didn’t see it coming twist. I’m envious.
River:  Of the ball pit?
Koschka:  Yessssssssss. No, dork. Of the dad thing.
(and then it dissolves into a whole discussion of how hot their dad is… heee.)
Koschka: The demon is telling Dean—You think what came back is 100% Sammy? I can almost hear him add—Why I can practically smell the chicken grease on him now.
River: It may not be 100% Sammy, but it is 100% cholesterol free grease.
Which led to the most ridiculous icon ever. *** Points above***
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