March 11th, 2007


I've caved to the pressure...

...and started my own LJ.  A place I'll post fic and anything else I might find interesting. Whether you will, too, remains to be seen.  I write predominantly  hurt and comfort fics predominantly in SGA... John and Rodney are my boys and I write both gen and slash, but you'll always have a warning which it is if you aren't interested in one or the other.  I just posted a fic over on fanfictionnet called Velocity Asymptotic.  It's a long one, but I hope to post some shorter ficlets I wouldn't necessarily post anywhere else here on the LJ.  

I've also branched out a little and written a Supernatural missing scene for The Benders called Humpty Dumpty.... I write gen only in the Supernatural fandom.  This little missing scene came about mainly because Koschka begged and whined and wouldn't let up on me until I did. (And Dean thinks he has it bad with Sammy always whining for him to shoot him.)

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