May 4th, 2007


FIC: So Little Space, So Much Time: Day 1 (SGA Gen)

Finally!  The infamous cabin fever fic that I've been promising for weeks and weeks now.  Okay, I'm not completely finished with this fic, but I'm past the point of the major image work that I have to do, so I figured I'd start posting it. If nothing else it should spur me on to finishing it that much faster.  I should be posting sections every couple of days as I get them beta'd.  This is a totally new thing for me with the images, so I'm crossing my fingers and praying to every deity I can that you will be able to read them. If you can't, please let me know and I will do what I can to fix them.  Thanks to Koschka and kodiak_bear for the beta/help/support.

Summary:  Trapped in a downed Jumper, the team has to deal with an injured Sheppard as well as each other, which is harder than it seems. Team fic.  Gen.

This is also an image heavy fic so be forewarned if you have slow downloading capability.

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