May 18th, 2007


FIC: So Little Space, So Much Time... Day 6 (complete!)

Well, we've finally reached the end of our little journey that started waaaaay back with a request from me for a challenge to keep me occupied during a road trip.  sgatazmy  came up with a wonderful idea for a cabin fever fic (I have no idea if this is what she had in mind, but this is what you got *G*)And it turned into so much more than a simple little word processing project to pass the time during a long drive.  I have to admit, there were times that it drove me nuts, but in the end, I had a blast writing it and making the visual aides.  I hope you had as much fun reading it!

And one final time, thanks to my most wonderful betas in the world, Koschka and 
kodiak_bear  This fic wouldn't have been possible without them!

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