May 27th, 2007



Yesterday, was a loooooong day.  As part of my bday celebration (since hubby deserted me to go backpacking this comment) I drove the kids to the middle of the Mojave dessert and left them.  Okay, so it was in a Denny's parking lot and in their Grandfather's car (who is on wife number four and even he felt the need to appologize for my husbands choice of activities this weekend) but then I got to fight the traffic coming out of Southern California and on their way to Vegas.  Got home in time to take a quick nap before I had to get ready to go out with my friend Wendy.  We went and ate at Isla in the Treasure Island... pretty good Mexican food, but extremely loud music being piped in so that we had to yell to be heard over each other.  Then we went outside to watch the Siren's of TI show... not all that.  A couple of years back they had a very cute pirates vs the British Navy show but then they abandoned the whole  Vegas is for families campaign (because, really, it's not... unless you live here and never go to the strip like us.)  Now its basically women dancing in stripper get ups, although the bare chested pirates were fun to watch. *G*

After that, we walked across the street to the Wynn to see Spamalot!  This replaced Avenue Q (which Koschka and I went to see when she was out last fall) and honestly, I think Avenue Q was the funnier show.  But Spamalot was definitely worth seeing.  It was a little odd seeing a show based on a movie that I can quote verbatim.  Especially since it would stick to the movie then go off on a tangent.  But once I got used to that fact and just enjoyed it for what it was, it was great!  John O'Hurley (who I adored as J. Peterman on Seinfeld) plays Arthur and he did a great job.  But, honestly, the rest of the cast, all of who play mulitple characters just like in the movie, really carried the show.  And the Lady of Lake, who is unique to the play is a riot and a phenomenol singer... even in the over the top cliched versions of "The Song That Goes Like This".  Plus, my little slasher heart got a treat with a gay marriage at the end. HEEEEEE!  So, if you get a chance, you should definitely check it out.

Oh, and just ignore the lj cut link down here.  It's just a convenient place for me to drop the transcripts for the screencaps for So Little Space, So Much Time since some people were having problems reading them. 

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