June 5th, 2007


FIC: Beast of Burden (SGA Gen)

Title: Beast of Burden

Category: Gen, emotional h/c, episode tag to Sunday

Word Count:


Pairings: None

Characters: John and Rodney with Ronon

Warnings: None 

Spoilers: Anything up through Sunday is fair game and seeing as it's a tag, Sunday is hit hard.

A/N:  Special thanks to Koschka for the beta.  I have to say that as much as there were certain things I *hated* about Sunday (TPTB are evil bastards!!!), there were parts I truly enjoyed.  Suprisingly, Ronon was one of those thing, which is why this is in his POV and as such, it fits into my POV series.

Summary: Ronon's POV as John and Rodney come to terms with the events of Sunday and the burdens they have to bear.

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