July 17th, 2007

team field

Fic: Negotiate (SGA Gen)

Title: Negotiate

 Gen, h/c 
Word Count: ~10,300


Characters: John and Rodney with Teyla and  Ronon

Warnings: None 

Spoilers: I wrote this during the Season 2 midseason hiatus, so anything up until then is fair game, although I don't think anything really is spoiled...except a few of my own fics (Triptych in particular).

A/N:  This story was written for the 'Zine Jumper One that was edited by Brate and K. Hanna Korossy and I *finally* found my electronic copy of it!  They did a wonderful job with this 'Zine and its follow-up Jumper Two (to which I also 'tribbed) so much thanks to them for the editing and thanks for asking me to participate.  Oh, and this falls within my Dictionary series.

Summary: When McKay is taken on an Alien planet, Sheppard and the team do anything to get him back... including their own brand of negotiating.

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