August 12th, 2007


Update and upcoming fic preview

So, life has been... hectic.  The kitchen remodel has grown in scale.  The cabinets were supposed to be fully installed today but the guy just called and won't be here until Monday to finish up.  Sigh.  And we had a few snags (drawers that were damaged in shipping that will be replaced, that sort of thing) then they will come measure for counter tops on Monday and we'll have another week or so before those are in. I bought the new stainless steel dishwasher to match the other appliances yesterday and because of the way we had to shift things for the cabinets, the door to the dishwasher hit the refrigerator and wouldn't open all the way.  Sigh.  Fortunately the installer was able to shift things enough that it just squeaks open. Ah, the joys of square kitchen. Then we had the fear that the dishwasher wouldn't open depending on the pulls we were going to install on the doors.  So, off I go to buy 30 handles and it takes three Lowes to find that many of the one I want.  But fortunately, they fit. 

But the big problem during the install of new cabinets along a wall that has never had them, was we ended up blocking most of the only a/c vent into the room.  The only way to redirect the vent is to have it come out of what is now a partially dropped ceiling in the middle of the room where the lights are located.  No big deal we thought, we'll just replace the flourescent fixtures up there with something nicer.  Only problem is they are just shop lights that plug into a single plug.  This means we need to hire an electrician (fortunately we know one who is good and *cheap*) to install junction boxes for the lighting and buy the new lighting which, if I get what I'm wanted (and if I'm remodeling, I might as well get what I want) isn't going to be cheap.  Sigh.  It's always something.

The kids did love the boxes!  My son built a dalek out of one and the box he's been waiting for to build the tardis is finally empty to he'll be excited when he gets back from his grandfather's tomorrow.

On top of the chaos at home, I've been pulled into a special short term project at work that was supposed to take a few hours a week and last week (my first on the project) I spent over 25 and it's not going to be any better this coming week.  And those things combined means writing time is limited.  Add to that that I'm working on two fics at this time (Koschka and I have started another Geeks and Goons Guide... The Geeks Guide to World Domination!) it may be a while before you see anything new from me.

The second fic has really taken me by surprise because it's an AU and I'm not an AU person.  I don't read them, I've never written them, except in the sense of quantum mirror/time travel sort of things which I don't *really* consider AU since that is a canon plot device in my mind.  I'm talking taking the characters and they've never heard of the stargate or never travel to Atlantis (although this one will have a smidge of Pegasus tied into it in a totally non Stargate way).  But I had this little tickle and it just kept nudging me and when I started doing a little research, since I'm trying to tie as much historical accuracy into the story as I can... and play with other historical events, I was amazed at how things I had thought up really started falling perfectly into the historical context of the time period (1940's Seattle).  And it's turning into one of those fics that is just falling into place (even though I don't have a title yet) and if I ever have time to write, is just begging to be written.  It also seems like it will be rather long as a result, hence the reason why it may be several weeks before it's finished because I like to finish before I post, especially with a fic that revolves around a mystery since I might need to go tweak a few things in the early parts.

But I did finish the opening scene yesterday (at least a version of it), so I thought I'd give a little sneak peak.  It will go slash (sorry, the idea of the boys in hats and ties and trench coats slowly undressing each other in a black and white noir setting was just too much for me to resist) but there is nothing slashy in the opening that I've posted.

Oh, FYI, Luke May is a real person and he did found one of the first crime labs in the country in Seattle as well as set up the one for the Mounties is Canada.  That's just one of those little things I discovered during the research that sealed this fics fate. *G*

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