February 1st, 2008


FIC: On the Brink (SGA Preslash)

Title: On the Brink
Category: h/c, romance, preslash written for the F**king Freezing Challenge over at sga_flashfic
Word Count: ~2,900
Characters: Sheppard and McKay
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: Anything upto and including Harmony.
A/N:  It doesn't have a lot of freezing cold in it, but it has body warmth and really isn't that point of a challenge like this?
He can see it all‒ the cliff, the ocean, the rocky crags below, Ronon’s scruffy face above, John’s reassuring smile beside him, the future it holds, the promise of someone being there to catch him even if he falls…especially if he falls. All of it is poised before him if he’s only willing to take the chance.