December 23rd, 2008


FIC: Rules of Engagement- Part 1 (SGA Slash)

Title: Rules of Engagement written for the Secret Santa exchange at [info]sheppard_hc
Genre: slash with Team and Caldwell 
Rating: T.
Word count: ~18,600 (yes, I totally blew the 10,000 word limit)
Warning: None
Spoilers: Anything through Season 5 but nothing past The Shrine really.
Author Notes: This is based on the prompt by sian1359 and I was really bad and lost my prompt email between the time I wrote the fic and now.  But what I based the fic on was her desire for McShep slash with Sheppard hurt by bad guys or tech but not trapped in the infirmary and Caldwell involved with the mission somehow and concluding that John isn't a screw up. (I'm paraphrasing from memory here!) I hope this fits the bill. Thanks as always to Koschka for the beta.
Summary: With Sheppard and McKay held captive by a hostile force, it's up to Caldwell to oversee their rescue.

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