January 28th, 2009


To curse or not to curse in a fic

So I'm faced with a dilemma here and I'm honestly not sure how I want to proceed at this point.  As those of you who read my fics know, I tend to use curse words somewhat liberally in my fics.  For me, it seems a natural extension for certain characters, specifically John and Rodney.  The editor of one of the zines has asked me to remove pretty much anything that wouldn't make it past the show censors, in essence saying the stronger language violates their P13 rating limitations.  Now let me just say, I firmly believe, as editors, they have every right to restrict what they print.  The zine is ultimately their baby and they control the vision of what they want to present. The thing is, I have never rated a fic above PG13/T for language alone and I would never think twice about reading a fic with F bombs scattered throughout that was rated T.  For me the R/M rating is for fics with explicit sex and/or graphic violence and disturbing themes such as rape or extreme torture.  I think it is also fandom dependent.  If I was writing in Harry Potter or Teen Titans, I would probably be much more conservative since much younger readers are going to be the primary audience as opposed to something like SGA which is primarily college age and above.

But for the zine fic, I am of two minds....

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