April 30th, 2009


Various pimpage for upcoming SGA fic in May

The sga_genficathongoes live on May 1, and if the mods do like last year, it means fic will begin posting at 12:01 am, May 1... which is just a few hours away. I do have a fic in the ficathon, but you'll have to wait until the week of anonymous posting is complete to know which one is mine. The fun part of the anonymous posting is that you get to try to guess the authors after each genre is posted. The schedule of posting is below, so you've got a week of great fic to look forward to!

Saturday: AU
Sunday: Supporting Character Appreciation Day
Monday: Friendship
Tuesday: Angst
Wednesday: Team
Thursday: Humor

In addition to the ficathon, the Beyond Atlantis Virtual Season 6 is set to debut on May 7 with new eps posted the 7th of every month.  I'm set to write episode 3 (I'm a little over halfway done!) so mine will be posted in July, but you'll have 2 great eps before mine to read and enjoy then many more afterward.  I'm actually not sure if the website is open to those not involved with the VS at this point, but I will post the official link when the site goes live in a week.

Between these two fics, I've been loaded down, but don't worry, Marla, as soon as the VS fic is done in a few weeks, I'll be starting on yours. *G*

In the meantime, go out and read some great gen fic!

Oh, geez, I almost forgot the zine that is coming out this month!  Brotherhood 7 will be available at MediaWest and mail order starting in early May.  It's a multifandom zine but has several SGA and SG1 fics in it, including my fic Going Dutch.  Details can be found here:  Brotherhood 7  and this year they're letting us post a little snippet to entice potential buyers.  So you can find that behind the cut.

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