May 23rd, 2009

team field

FIC: Cairns (SGA Gen)

The sga_genficathon had the author reveal today, so I can post this here so that you can find it if you happened to miss it over at the ficathon.  I'm hoping people will go back and try the other paths on this fic even if they do make it safely to the end.  Depending on the path you take, the story can change.  Oh, and I didn't get to give my thanks to my betas... Koschka and kodiak_bear .

Title: Cairns written for the sga_genficathon 
Genre: Team
Prompt: Stone circles or cairns
Word Count: ~45,000 written but it could be as little as a couple thousand to a couple hundred thousand depending on how many ways you read it.
Rating: T
Warnings: There is the potential for character death, but don't worry, you can always start over and try again if it happens.  Also, images that may be slow to download on dialup.
Summary: Forced into a native rite of passage, the team must each face life and death challenges along their chosen path. The only catch is that it's up to you to choose that path for them.
Notes: This fic is a Choose Your Own Adventure story. If you aren't familiar with those, it means you will be given choices at various points, including which character you will follow, the direction they go, etc. Simply click on the persented option you choose and the story will continue based on that choice. The choices could lead to safety or even more dire situations, it could bring team members together, or even a death. Don't panic, though. If you do make a bad decision, you'll be given the choice to start over at the end of each section. And when you finish following one character, you can go back and follow another, or the same character with different choices... the story may even change if you do. Because of the many, many links involved with this fic, and the anonimity required for the ficathon, the entire story is posted on a secret LJ all of its own. This includes the comments. But if you want to scan the comments before reading the fic, you can do so here.