June 2nd, 2009


FIC: Snow Day- Part 1 (SGA Gen)

Title:  Snow Day
Genre: Gen, Team
Characters:  Team
Rating: T.
Word count: ~18,400
Warning: None
Spoilers: Anything through season 4... I think.  That's the problem with zine fics, too much time passes for you to remember exactly what was going on when you wrote it. *G*
Author Notes:   This fic was written for the Brotherhood 5 zine, and I honestly can't remember the names of all the editors, but they were a wonderful bunch to work with.  Seriously, all the Brotherhood zines are gorgeous and should be owned by everyone who can get their hands on them.  Their website can be found here.
Summary:  When Sheppard's Jumper goes down on a planet in the clutches of a blizzard, it's up to his team to find him before it's too late.

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