July 1st, 2009


FIC: Greener Grasses (SGA Slash)

Title:  Greener Grasses
Slash, h/c, humor
Characters:  John, Rodney, and Jeannie
Rating: T.
Word count: ~ 15,000
Warning: None
Spoilers: anything up through season 5
Author Notes:   Marla asked for an Earth fic with John, Rodney and Jeannie and a bank robbery.  This is what I came up with. Sorry, it took longer than I had hoped it would. *G*  Thanks, as always, to Koschka for the beta.
Summary:  You would think being a hostage in a bank robbery would be the biggest surprise of your day, but if you're Jeannie Miller and your brother comes to visit, you'd be wrong.

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