September 4th, 2009


Trick of the Light Now Available at a Book Store Near You!

I finally, *finally* got to the bookstore this week and they *finally* had Trick of the Light out on the shelves.  This is the first book of the new series by Rob Thurman (a.k.a Robyn  Thurman... yes, gasp! He's a she!) and this series features a female lead.  But fear not, because Trixa is one kick ass demon, sassy, and with a few secrets of her own.  Not to mention she's surrounded by a posse of kick ass guys (and a cameo from a familiar face for those her read her Leandros series).  There's angels, demons, and a lot of stuff in between hanging out in Vegas, baby!  And we all know what happens in Vegas usually makes for one hell of a good time, and in this case, one hell of a good read. 

So, go!  Buy! Buy two while you're at it!  Read!  Enjoy!

In other less exciting news, I've also finally posted a new and slightly improved (although still screwed up in the formatting department for some unknown reason I can't seem to fix) master fic list.  Since LJ decided to eat half of mine a few months ago.  I did away with the table format and added summaries for the fics, but I did maintain the various categories for ease of perusing.  I'm also continuing my TwitFic Friday if you want to follow along.