January 7th, 2010

curious relationhsip

FIC: Unmade (Sherlock Holmes Movie)

Title: Unmade
Genre: angst, h/c, as gen or slashy as you saw the movie (your choice)
Characters: Holmes, Watson, and Mary appears
Rating: T.
Word count: ~ 1,700
Warning: none
Spoilers: uh...the movie
Author Notes: Let me just start by saying I am not a huge fan of the traditional Doyle Holmes books.  I don't dislike them, just not a diehard fan, nor have a I read many.  I know the basics of novel canon...and I saw this movie once.  So, please forgive any mistakes my poor memory may have left in the fic.  But robgoodfella  loved the movie so much that she saw it twice in one week, so I wrote this little ficlet for her as a belated Christmas present.  Hopefully, you will enjoy it, too.
Summary: Missing scene from the movie...because bedside angst and h/c is always the best.

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