May 28th, 2010


Reposted- Going Dutch: Part 1 (SGA Gen)

For those having trouble reading the Google Docs pdf version of the fic I posted last night, here's the rtf version.

Title: Going Dutch
Genre: Gen h/c
Characters: John and Rodney and team
Rating: T.
Word count: ~ 17,500
Warning: None
Spoilers: anything up through season 5
Author Notes: This fic was written for the Brotherhood 7 Zine.  Thanks to yum@ and her wonderful crew of editors and proof readers for making this fic so much better!
Summary: When Sheppard comes down with an alien disease offworld, how far will McKay go to save his life?


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TwitterFics and the Like

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06:22 Twitfic:"You two stop or I'm pulling this ship over!" Earth planes are always noisy-engines, wind, alarms. The Jumper,however, flies silent- #

06:22 as long as it's empty. Ronon & McKay's argument stops abruptly at John's threat. Teyla rolls eyes. John wonders when he became a soccer mom. #

08:04 Have posted an expired Brotherhood 7 zine fic on my LJ. Going Dutch (SGA Gen) Enjoy! #

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