June 11th, 2010


TwitterFics and the Like

Download of daily tweets from my Twitter account @liketheriver1. Fridays are Twitter Fic Friday!

06:34 Twitfic:John hates blood even after all he's seen. Flowing out of one of his own, it fucking terrifies. His red-stained hands take a bandage #

06:35 Teyla offers, press harder. McKay moans. "We're getting you home." Trusting blue eyes hold his. He's never lied to Rodney;he won't start now #

11:15 Bday party disaster averted. Threat of rioting 7 yr olds convinces pony lady she'd best find lost reservation for today. My job here is done #

11:38 @jane_connor that's one promise John will keep or die trying. #

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