July 9th, 2010

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FIC: Parent and Child (Star Trek XI)

Title:  Parent and Child
Gen, h/c
Characters:  Bones, Kirk, Spock
Rating: T.
Word count: ~ 9,300
Warning: None
Spoilers: Yeah, well, the movie.
Author Notes:   Written for ellenoz as part of the Chimera release celebration.  She requested a Star Trek reboot fic with a whumped Kirk and Spock and Bones having to care for him since they can't return to Enterprise.  This is what I came up with, I  think it fits the basics of what she was looking for (I hope!) Oh, and the medical stuff...sigh.  If Bones can cure kidney disease with a pill in the older Star Trek movies, then he can do what he does in this fic. I cling to my mantra of the wonders of futuristic sci fi medicine.
Summary:  Trapped on a damaged shuttle with a gravely injured Kirk, Bones and Spock learn a little more about each other, and how much Kirk has known all along.

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TwitterFics and the Like

Download of daily tweets from my Twitter account @liketheriver1. Fridays are Twitter Fic Friday!

07:07 Twitfic:The photo's old; so is he. 3 men& a woman, guns& gear- heroes. They taught him team,family,love. He's saved Atlantis countless times #

07:08 but this photo of them is his favorite. A gnarled finger traces a face."Isn't she lovely?" A nurse looks."Your mother?" Torren smiles& nods. #

09:40 I've posted a new Star Trek XI fic on my LJ. Parent and Child can be found here: liketheriverrun.livejournal.com/93458.html #

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