May 12th, 2013


Cross the Gate Zine with new fic by Me!

As most of you know, I've contributed fics to the Jumper series of zines over the past several years.  It's always great to work with Brate and her team of editors and they always put out a high quality zine.  This year, however, Brate decided to try something new and put together a zine full of fics that cross over SGA and/or SG1 with any other fandom.  When Brate sent me the invite, she also asked that I consider doing something I never expected to see, muchless write myself...SGA crossed with Sherlock. While I love both fandoms dearly, all I could think was, how in the world would those two fandoms ever meet? I mean, they have nothing in common.... other than both have primary characters named John who had horrific experiences in Afghanistan prior to meeting up with an obnoxious genius who simultaneously turned their world upside down while making it all worth while again.

So, yeah, I lost a little bit of what's left of my mind, and wrote the fic.

It's called Playing Nice in the Sandbox, and it revolves around Sheppard and McKay investigating a mysterious ping that communicating with the gate from Afghanistan.  John Watson has been reactivated back into the Army by the British IOA representaive (cough...Mycroft..cough), and of course, Sherlock isn't going to stand for him going alone.  Needless to say, they all run into much trouble, both alien and insurgent in nature.

Information on the Zine from the lovely Brate is posted behind the cut, with a link to the website where you can order it.  The website also has the list of all of the other fics and brief synopsis.  There's everything from Supernatural to Magnificent 7, Real Ghostbusters, Star Trek, and NCIS.  I received my copy in the mail this week, and let me tell you, it is beautifully bound and I can't wait to start reading the fics!

So, go!  Order!  Read!  And if you're going to MediaWest this year, you can even pick one up in person.

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