liketheriverrun (liketheriverrun) wrote,

So how cool is this?!?!?

The other day I received an email from, of all people, Luke May's granddaughter!  For those of you who have read my 1940s AU The Pegasus Device, that name may sound familiar.  He was the man who in real life founded the Seattle crime lab and who in my fic recruited Rodney down from Canada to work in the United States.  To top it off, it ends up she is a writer (a biographer with an interest in Hawaiian culture and history) and a fan of Stargate and got a total hoot out of seeing her grandfather associated with the stargate.  She had run a search on her grandfather's name to see if anything new had been written about him and stumbled across the cross reference to the fic and was nice enough to drop me a line and tell me that her grandfather would have been amused to have been brought into the Stargate universe.  I just thought it was the neatest thing because I've met so many wonderful people through writing SGA fanfic and now I can add one more to the list. *G*

Speaking of people I've had the pleasure of meeting through fanfic, I leave tomorrow to head back to cow-tipping country and spend the weekend with Koschka for the big premiere.  Two and a half days, bay-bee, and we have new SGA!  I've got a fic I'm currently working on and hope to post while I'm there (SGA Gen) and another I've got in mind to start on the flight back (SGA slash) both for the current outlaw themed challenge over at sga_flashfic. So if I'm rare this weekend, that's why.

Enjoy the show, people! And watch it live so we get a Season 5!

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