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How much do I love my SGA boys today?

You know, I've been reading a few posts out there about Doppelganger...

And some people are complaining that they didn't like it as much as they thought, that it's a rip-off of SG1 eps, that there were lots of unexplained plot holes, etc.

Was it a rip-off of Cold Lazarus for SG-1?  Sure.

Were there plot holes you could fly a Jumper through?  Absolutely

Was the Carter worship from the writers obvious?  Oh, hell yes.

Do I give a flying flip about any of that?  Not in the least.

I adored this episode.  I could put Doppelganger and Tao of Rodney on a continuous loop and die a happy woman watching it.  Because this is why I write fanfiction.  The friendship, the teaminess, the caring between the characters.  I wouldn't have changed a thing about that ep, I wish I had written it myself, and can't even think of a true missing scene... except maybe a kiss (if I was writing slash) or a genuine manly, yet, brotherly hug (if it were gen) between John and Rodney (unlike that stiff one he gave Teyla) while they were in the gateroom before they woke up. *G*  

I could watch John and Rodney in that damn boat for hours.  John's angst when they told him Rodney died, when he was walking down that hallway afterward and looked like he was just going to stop and sit down because he didn't know what else to do, hell, his tone of voice when he saw it was Rodney in the isolation room because he had the entity in him was delicious.  I loved the way the entire team came together around Rodney when he was at risk, how Teyla and Ronon came on their own as soon as they heard to discuss options in Carter's office. I adored Ronon being completely lost during the conversation of the path forward and the bickering between Rodney and Radek throughout.  I loved the teasing they had for each other over their dreams.  It was the same sort of teasing you see between siblings or life-long friends or people who risk their lives together and have bonded... and isn't that what they would have done by now?  

I have always written John and Rodney as best friends... even in my slash the relationship is built on much more than just sex... and the team as family.  And to see it on the screen when it is so often ignored just makes me happy.  Deliriously happy and puts a smile on my face and who the hell cares if they never explained why the crystal did what it was doing in the first place?  Not everything can be explained and it's kind of silly for us to expect that every week.  Besides, this ep wasn't about the whys of the universe, it was about the team, the friendships, the family, the risking it all for the people we care about and then have them return the favor.

I've already watched it twice, am thinking about going to watch it again here in a few minutes, and already have plans to watch it with Kos next weekend.  And as soon as I can load it on the same dvd with Tao of Rodney, I'm going to float in pure John and Rodney nirvana.
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