liketheriverrun (liketheriverrun) wrote,

I've been subpoenaed!

 About a month ago I witnessed a traffic accident (hell, I was almost part of it)  when a woman, obviously not exactly lucid at the time, decided she wanted to make her own lane of traffic while we were stopped at a red light, nearly hit me, *did* hit the guy in front of me, proceeded into the middle of a busy intersection with her left turn signal on, and promptly passed out.... all from the far right lane.  Evidently she was charged with DUI and it's her second account and she wants her day in court.  So guess who was the good citizen and came back to make sure she was okay when I saw she was slumped in the seat as I passed her?  Guess who filled out a police report and was, unfortunately, only one of two people who filled one out to actually *see* the whole thing and not just the car in the intersection?  And guess who just got subpoenaed to appear in court next month as a witness for the prosecution?


The good news is that work *will* pay for my time... not like I have much choice in the matter unless I want to be arrested myself.  I've actually sat on a jury before in a federal weapons trial (believe me that sounds much more exciting than the actual case was seeing as it was just a convicted felon in possession of a gun and a variety of bullets) but it was a very interesting experience, especially in that it was over in two days.  Let's just hope the same can be said for this one.
Tags: real life

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