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Happy Halloween! and other stuff

 It's that time again... costumes, candy, the annual neighborhood potluck before trick or treating, candy, sneaking out of work early so I can get the kids ready, candy... oh, and did I mention candy?  I'll get my annual fix of baby Snickers bars for the next month.

I had hoped to have a Halloween fic finished by now, but alas, I don't.  The reasons are many... a) I suck at creepy so my original start of the fic went a completely different way and I really don't think it's all that creepy any more, so I didn't feel compelled to finish by today. b) I have had... not writer's block so much as writer's lack of enthusiasm to finish anything.  This is very much *not*  like me.  I started one fic, a follow up to my robot!john and robot!rodney slash fic Memento Mimeographa, but never finished it (but I will eventually).  Then I went a week without writing.  A *week*!  Normally I'm crawling out of my skin if I haven't written in that long. Then I started the non-creepy but supposed to be creepy fic that is now about 2/3 complete.  I'll finish it, don't worry, I'm writing now, I just had that unmotivated spot but I think I'm over it now.  If you want a true ghost story of mine (again, not creepy but it does involve real ghosts) you can read Death and the Astrophysicist that I wrote last year.

In other writing news, I was nominated in several categories in the Skiffy Awards.  To be honest, I'm really unfamiliar with this award, but it appears to be charactercentric fics so that is pretty cool.  Besides, any award is a thrill to be nominated (if any one who reads this *did* nominate me- thanks!  And if you know more about the site, feel free to expand on it in the comments section) and from the looks of it, several other wonderful writers have also been nominated.  If awards sites do nothing else, they list links to many great stories you may have missed.  The awards are also linked to a forum with chat and challenges, etc. so go and check it out!

Finally, I spent a long weekend back at Robyn's for her birthday.  I got in Friday and we had time to watch Doppelganger before Travelers, then ended up watching Doppelganger again on Sunday just to get the linger disappointment of Travelers out of our system.  And I'll give you three quick reasons why Travelers was such a disappointment
1) Give me a little C with the H.  I'm a hurt/comfort writer, as most of you know.  And for me, beating the shit out of Sheppard without someone to either see it and worry and threaten the bad guys (like they did in Common Ground) or patch him up when they drag him back in the cell just doesn't do it for me.  They showed so little of the rest of the team and when they did they didn't show enough to show them angsting and worrying to get him back.

2) No big honking rescue.  For some reason, when John is by himself, he always manages to escape on his own.  He did it in Common  Ground, he practically did it in Epiphany, and now he's done it again.  If I was Rodney, I'd start saying why the hell do I try to find you so badly?  I could have been doing some real work for a change.  Seriously, how great would it have been for them to bust him out and John get to gloat I told you they'd get here?  It just seems very anticlimactic when he always rescues himself.

3) The male fantasy space pirate bimbo captain.  Yes, the character was a bimbo.  I'm sorry, any woman who uses her sexual charms to defeat the hero is a bimbo. And for me, it makes it very hard to respect a female character who does that.  Admit it, as much as we hate to think it, seeing as we're women working our way up too, there is always one woman at work that we think... who the hell did she sleep with to get that position because there is no way she made it on her own.  *That* is exactly what I kept thinking about Larrin and why I'm convinced the writers of the show sometimes regress back to sixteen year old horndogs.

oh, and a bonus 4th reason.... what the fuck happened to canon?  So now anyone can operate a piece of Ancient equipment if you turn it on for them?  I can stand not being told why something happened, I cannot stand when the writers change established criteria (you need ATA gene to work things) then change it (unless someone turns it on and you can fix a damaged battle ship that the Ancients had to abandon because they couldn't then fly it away).  If they could do that, then why did they have all those poor geeks flying the Jumpers through the asteroid belt when they could have just turned them on and had the Marines do it?

Okay, rant over.
But we also went to dinner with some other friends, did the cake and presents thing, watched a couple of movies, a couple of eps of  Supernatural, the South Park with the stargate, and just generally vegged all weekend and had a blast.  Oh, and her friend fixed my laptop!!!!!  It is functioning again and I actually had it hooked up to the wireless network last night.  So life is happy goodness again!!!

Oh, one final thing, hotmail has sucked for me lately... I only get about half of my emails.  So, if you've sent me an email or left a comment on a fic and haven't heard back from me, it's because I'm not getting the emails/notices.  So try to send it again or let me know you left a comment.  LJ messages shows me comments left on my LJ but not on post I may make over on sga_flashfic so I might not know you even left one.

Happy Halloween!

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