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The Family That Fics Together...

So I get my daily love check phone call from hubby when he got home with the kiddies yesterday after school and he tells me our 7 yrs old son is struggling with writing at school.  This is nothing new, he really dislikes writing.  He inherited my science and math genes but ended up with his father's visual art gene and unfortunately either my reading/writing DNA hasn't bloomed yet or it skipped him.  But evidently, yesterday, he was in tears at school because he just didn't want to write in his journal.  So hubby says, you love to write, see what you can do with him.  (I usually read with him at night but DH takes care of all the other homework before I get home)  That's when a thought hit me.... I enjoy writing fanfic, maybe he will.

Last night I took out the bound journal I bought him (like they sell at any major bookstore) and gave it to him.  It's spiral bound with a cool Japanese print of a crashing wave on it and has lined pages on one side and a blank page opposite side.  I said, tonight, I want you to start writing a story.  You can write Ben 10 (which he loves) and draw illustrations on the facing page.  You write your stuff and I'll write my stuff.  So after dinner he says, Mom, get your laptop, its time to write.  Off we go to climb in my bed and we discuss plot, how Ben 10 episodes start, what usually happens, etc. and how he wants to start his story.  For the next 45 minutes, he writes and draws and I write (I don't draw *g*).  He reads me his two pages (hey, it's slow but it's progress) and then he asks me to read mine.

Hmmmmm.  I'm finishing up a SPN fic. (it's off to beta and should be posted tomorrow, btw).  Anyway, it's heavy angst, heavy whump, which isn't exactly kid friendly.  And if anyone has read my stuff, you know I don't shy away from the more adult language.  So I'm struggling to find something, anything I can read to him.  Finally, I scroll up to an early flashback scene and with much filtering read it to him.  Cool, you can read more to me tomorrow, he says.

And I'm silently cheering.  Hopefully he'll write a few more pages tonight.  And in a few years, who knows, maybe he'll be posting to himself. *VBG*
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