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Slashers Rejoice!

It’s been a red-letter couple of months for slashers….
First Dumbledore was outed by his creator, then I was listening to NPR and the producers of Sesame Street pretty much admitted that, yes, Bert and Ernie are a couple, then there was the fantastic coming out episode Doppelganger on SGA, and finally, the nominations for the McShep Awards are out! And can we just take a minute to admire the manip they are using for the banner and say… yummmmmm.

alt="McKay/Sheppard Fan Awards, 2007"></a>

::Fans self, splashes cold water on my face, thinks of England::
Okay, back to the squeeing!
Because, yay for me, I was nominated! Seriously, this is one award that it really, truly is an honor just to be nominated because I really don’t expect to win anything given the massive talent that’s out there and the truly phenomenal slash writers I’ve seen posting thanks on their LJs for the same nominations. So, to anyone who thought any of my stuff was good enough to even be in the same league with these folks, thank you so very, very, much!
Honestly, I didn’t even think I was nominated because there was a glitch with the notification email reaching me. And a special thanks to springwoof for letting me know that I was on the “missing” list the admins had posted on their site. Then, I was left wondering, which one was nominated. Ends up there were four on the list, and that just totally floored me.
Gift Horse- This one is special because it was my first solo slash fic (Okay, technically, it was my second. But the first was for a zine and I never get feedback for zine fics so I never know if anyone has even read it much less enjoyed it and it was in the huge and totally amazing two-volume zine, Surfacing, with many of those same phenomenal slash writers, so I just assumed it was lost in the squeeing over those other fics) But Gift Horse was the first slash fic I really put out there for public consumption and made me think, huh, maybe I can handle this slash thing on my own.
The Pegasus Device- It fills me with all sorts of warm fuzzies to see this one nominated because it means so very much to me on a personal level. Do you ever have a fic that just has the need to be written and you really feel a little part of you is in it when it’s done? I’ve had three in my life… Triptych, Velocity Asymptotic, and The Pegasus Device. I actually missed this AU version of the boys when I finished because they had become so real to me. So, yeah, seeing my baby recognized makes me all kinds of happy.
A Bed Too Small- Timing alone shocked me with this one since it just came out, but it’s fun to see that people appreciate it when I try something new. And the fact is, I almost didn’t post this just because it was something I was playing with, but then I thought, eh, maybe someone will get a snicker out of it… and people actually did. *G*
Flight Plan- There’s always one that comes out of left field, and this is the one. Because, seriously, I thought only about a dozen people read it. Evidently one of those dozen thought it deserved a nomination. So, thanks so much, loyal reader, whoever you are. *G*
I have to say that the McShep Award site is great… very easy to place the nominations with those very simple and straight forward pull down menus, very organized (I mean, seriously, they’re turning around from nominating to voting in about a month… that’s unheard of), and I love that they took the time to try to locate those of us who had email problems and didn’t receive the initial notification. So kudos to you guys!
And finally, a huge, huge thanks to my betas…. kodiak_bearwho raises the quality of everything she touches and is always willing to help when I come groveling to her door *G*. And of course, Koschka, part motivational speaker, part partner in crime, always my BFF. Luv you guys! 

And another huge thank you to everyone who reads and comments on the fics, not to mention nominates them for awards, because it means tons to me. {{{{{{hugggggggs}}}}}} to you all!

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