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Happy Kwanznukahsolstismas!

Seeing as I was raised in a protestant Christian household, we'll be celebrating the Christmas part of the winter holidays in a few hours.  That means we'll be playing Santa Clause until about midnight, falling into bed and hoping for at least five or six hours of sleep before the kids are up.  Then I have to pack and get us on a plane for my family in Tennessee in the afternoon for a week of family bonding.  As my mother always says, it's not a true family gathering unless someone is reduced to tears and here's hoping it's not me.... usually not as I don't get into the drama that seems to surround my mother and her siblings.  Actually, the kids are excited to see their grandparents and it's a week away from work (although I do have to carry my blackberry with me the entire time since I'm one deep and have no backup at the office.) so it can't be all bad.

I did get one special early Christmas present today.  

A Bed Too Small won a McShep for best Graphic Novel!  So huge thanks to everyone who voted and read and reviewed and I'm really glad that I posted it now because I almost didn't since I thought no one would have the same warped sense of humor I do. Evidently you all are just as strange as me. Thank  God for that.  *G* 

So, one final wish before I go for everyone out there to have a wonderful holiday season no matter particular one you go for.  Peace, love, prosperity (and fluent fic ideas for all the writers out there.)  I've had a wonderful 2007 here on LJ and look forward to chatting with you all next year.
Tags: fan fiction, real life

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