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Odds, Ends, and Outcasts

Okay, I’m going to probably go against the grain here, but I really didn’t like Outcast very much. 

I loved the scene with John and Rodney, I loved Ronon attacking the buffet at the wake, but the Sheppard backstory…. WTF??? 

It was such a major let down to me. Ever since John gave that very abrupt answer in Letters From Pegasus about not wanting to send a message home, everyone has been wondering, speculating, imagining all the possible family histories he had to endure to end up in that emotional state. And this is what they give us? Poor little rich boy who was written out of the will because he went to Stanford instead of Harvard? Yes, I’m oversimplifying, but seriously, what else did they give us? His brother was more worried about him coming to challenge the will than where the hell he’d been for the past four years?    And I swear to God, if the writers have another character say, “It’s complicated,” as a way to skim over something they’ve thrown in out of nowhere (i.e., Teyla’s baby daddy and now John’s brother) I may jump through the screen and throttle someone.
I’m not asking for every single detail, but come on, throw me a bone. Without more it came across like John was acting like a pouty, spoiled kid who had stomped his foot, screamed I hate you!, and gone and run away from home to show them how much they were going to miss him. I really don’t think that’s how John is, I’ve seen how he is with his Atlantis family, how carrying and committed he is. So I know there is *something* else going on, but they gave nothing else to work with. We know tons of details about Rodney and his family and what alienated him from Jeannie and what they did as kids, but John… he loved Evil Kneivel and likes ferris wheels. How does that explain *anything* about why he broke all ties with his family?
The replicator on earth storyline was actually kind of dull. Running around chasing the bad guy needs something more for me… h/c, someone in imminent danger, and/or snark. I kept thinking that originally this ep was supposed to have Rodney in the Bill Lee role but that it was changed last minute because of shooting schedules because it just seemed to be screaming for some good John and Rodney interaction to break up the typical cop show tracking down the bad guy with a sci fi twist. Never mind that John and Ronon had to lead the entire mission up when the SGC has been battling replicators since before John even knew the SGC existed. Given the way that John had walked out of the wake and disappeared for a couple of days, I was surprised his brother didn’t slam the door in his face at the end. And why did John even want to reconcile with him in the first place after that accusation of money grubbing? And maybe if they had told us something more about the rift in the family beside Dave being a daddy’s boy and John not, it would have made more sense. 
Personally, my fantasy ending would have involved them actually attending the funeral at the very end and Rodney finishes his work on the kid planet early and he and Teyla both show up right before the ceremony starts to give John a little moral support. Then John goes up to his brother afterward and tells him to take the will and stuff it, because he doesn’t need the money or him, because, for the first time in his life, he knows what family really is. Then he goes and joins his family as they wait for him, watching over him, from the car, and says, “Let’s go home.”

In fanfiction news, I’ve got several either in the works or mulling in my head and I keep getting distracted by the sga_flashficchallenges. I’m finishing up a gen teamy story for a zine (more details as I have them and the story is accepted), I’ve signed up for the sga_genficathon, and I’ve promised Koschka my next story is the SPN she’s been whining, begging, asking for.

Also, the 2007 Stargate Fan Awards are finally open for voting. There are always tons of great stories to discover in these awards, or reread, and I was honored to have several nominations in gen as well as a likethekoschka slash fic. Thanks again for the nominations for those who put them up for consideration, it’s always a huge honor to be nominated in these award because they’re filled with some amazing stories and you really should go check them out. And since voting is open until March 3.
2007 Stargate Fan Awards

liketheriver fics:

Death and the Astrophysicist- Gen, Duet, McKay/Sheppard, Drama
Sometimes giving your life for Atlantis just isn’t enough. Peter Grodin’s POV as Atlantis is once again under siege from an old enemy. 

Endless Impossibilities- Gen, Duet, McKay/Sheppard, h/c
The Atlantis expedition accomplishes the impossible everyday. Why should today be any different? Especially when Sheppard has been drugged and thinks his team has turned against him.

Fall From Grace- Gen, Character, Beckett
Beckett POV before, during, and after Letters From Pegasus, with a little added twist. 

Gravy- Gen, Character, McKay, Angst
Eventually you realize it's all gravy from here on out. Response to Tipper's Poetry challenge. SheppardMcKay friendship.

So Little Space, So Much Time- Gen, Team, Humor
Trapped in a downed Jumper, the team has to deal with an injured Sheppard as well as each other, which is harder than it seems.

The Last Gate- Gen, Character, Other, Action/Adventure
The Daedalus crew POV as they help the Atlantis team retrieve what is supposed to be the last stargate for the Intergalactic Gate Bridge. Did you notice I said supposed to be?

Tomb- Gen, Duet, McKay/Sheppard, Angst
Dead kings, culture shock, and an Ancient trash compactor. Sheppard and McKay find themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time, yet again.

Velocity Asymptotic- Gen, Duet, McKay/Sheppard, Action/Adventure
Just because they’ve been sent back to Earth, doesn’t mean the adventures stop. John and Rodney run afoul of McKay’s new project in Area 51 and it’s just like old times.

Vicious Circle- Gen, Duet, McKay/Sheppard, Episode Based
The unnamed Canadian stargate technician: the unsung hero of the control room and the unnoticed witness to a conversation about the circular nature of life. Tags for Phantoms and McKay and Mrs. Miller combined into a compact little oneshot

likethekoschka fic:
The Goon’s Guide to Mind Control- Slash, Sheppard/McKay, Action/Adventure
Brain chips, humping squarks, little green men, and a mint green house. All rolled up in slashy McSheppy goodness

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