liketheriverrun (liketheriverrun) wrote,

It's official...I'm a geek and an inspiration!

First off, look what[info]pyrateanny made after reading  A Bed Too Small

Lay by your Side Music by Babyshambles.

"I will surely lay down and die if I can't lay by your side!"

It's a great little vid that uses many of the scenes that I took still from for the graphic novel.  It's so totally cool to not only get lovely feedback from someone but to find out something I did inspired them to create as well.  It just makes me giddy all over. *VGB*

Go!  Watch!  Praise!

And then I took this silly little geek quiz....

The only reason I scored as high as I did was because of the sci fi/fantasy questions... the tech, forget it, except for the need to compulsively check my email. *G*






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