liketheriverrun (liketheriverrun) wrote,

Airports suck

Hubby and kids are up at his brother's house in Fresno since they are on spring break, and I'm flying up tonight to meet them and then drive back on Saturday.  I *should* be in Fresno by now, hell, I should have been in Fresno 40 minutes ago... and it's only an hour flight.  But I'm still sitting here in the airport.  Evidently every Allegiante Air flight is delayed tonight... not just a little delayed, but hours delayed.  It's so bad that our flight is going out of the same gate as another delayed flight and even though our flight is on approach, this other flight going out of this same gate is just now boarding.  So I'm really doubtful of the promised 8:35 departure.  If this flight to Grand Junction gets out of this gate by 8:35 I'll be surprised.  I guess the only good news is that I got to write on the ever-growing genficathon fic for three hours with only minimal interruption.

Look at how glass half full I can be when I'm jacked up on Starbucks keylime crumbcake and a caramel machiato.
Tags: real life

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