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SGA Gen Ficathon is open!

The sga_genficathon is up and running and, yes, I did contribute... but you won't know which fic is mine until April 21. *G*  Although there will be a guess the author game going at the end of each week.

Per friendshipper, who is running this shindig (and doing a mighty fine job of it ,I might add), this is how it will work:

 Monday: Friendship
Tuesday: Angst
Wednesday: Team
Thursday: Humor
Friday: Action/adventure
Saturday: AU
Sunday: Supporting Character Appreciation Day

There are a total of eight different prompts that were handed out, each one for a week's worth of stories. (Yes, that's 56 stories, yay! *does happy dance*) Because many of the prompts won't have a full week's worth of stories until after the deadline, however, I'm going to double and triple up the prompts. Stories will be posted over the first three weeks of April: 3 prompts the first week, 3 the second week, and 2 the third. Authors will be revealed after the last story is posted, on April 21st.

So, go read!  Tons of great gen SGA fic to be read over the next 3 weeks... and I'll see you again on April 21 to post the link to mine. *G*
Tags: fan fiction, stargate atlantis

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