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Pimpin' da' 'Zine: The Brotherhood 5

For those of you who hang around here now and again, you might remember me mentioning around the first of the year that I was working on a gen zine fic.  Well, I finally have the info for those of you interested in picking it up.  It's a multifandom zine (a first for me) but has fics from SGA, SG-1, SPN, Torchwood, NCIS, LOTR, Mag 7, and several others by a host of wonderful authors and I can't wait to get my trib copy in the mail!

It's called The Brotherhood 5 (Brotherhood 4 and 6 are all SPN gen fics and info on those can be found at the same site) and it's premeiring at MediaWest this month.  Info about the zine and for ordering can be found here:

Pyramid Press:  The Brotherhood 5

The story I tribbed is called Snow Days, comes in at 44 beautifully formatted pages, and is your basic Sheppard-injured-and-lost-in-a-snowstorm-and-the-team-desperate-to-find-him fic.

The whole group doing editing, layout, and proofing have been great to work with and it looks to be an awesome zine.  So go!  Order! and if you're at MediaWest, stop by and pick one up in person.  While you're there, say howdy to Anna.  Tell her River sent you and you'll get a surprise. (Actually, you won't but if you ask her for your free gift it will be a surprise to her. *G*)
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