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Missing Scene from a Nonexistent Geeks and Goon Guide

 Here's another little piece of silliness that I found on the computer the other day.  The story behind this has to do with the first spoilers Koschka and I heard for McKay and Mrs. Miller.  I believe Koschka was the first to suggest in one of her gen stories that Jeannie was actually a heart surgeon and not a physicist and that she was practically Rodney in a dress... same attitude, same arrogance, same deadliness if not handled with the proper care.  So, of course, we couldn't believe the idea that Rodney's sister was a happily domesticated stay at home mom.  Thus began our discussions on how *we* would have written Jeannie Miller if she had first appeared in our Geeks and  Goons Guides.  In our little backstory, Jeannie, like her brother, had sensitivity problems with the people she worked with and, as a result, was forced to dedicate a certain portion of her time to Doctors Without Borders and it was while working in Columbia with this fine organization that she met her husband, who had a rather shady background.  So, as a result of playing around with this idea, we started throwing around story ideas and I wrote a smidge of a scene where John and Rodney go to Columbia and meet Jeannie's husband for the first time.  Technically, it is slash since the boys are married, but there isn't anything sexual about the scene.


Hector drags the two rats masquerading as dogs  back out of John’s face to hold them tightly in his arms. “No, no, Poco, bad boy. Ernesto, take the monsters and feed them.” 
The older man takes the dogs away and Hector takes John’s hand and shakes vigorously as he pulls him out of the limo that met us at the airport. “You must be Lt. Colonel Sheppard. Can I call you John? Of course I can call you John, you are family, no? And you are Rodney. But of course. Look, the same eyes as your sister.” His grip is like iron and his shoulders would give Ronon a run for his money. 
He elbows John causing him to “umph!” as air is forced from his lungs with the friendly gut punch. “We are lucky men, are we not, Colonel. Eh? Eh?” His arms fly wide to take in the estate and half of Columbia and I pull John away before he can add a busted nose to the internal bleeding. “Welcome, welcome to our humble home. Welcome my brothers!”  He hugs me tightly then pulls John in as well.
“I see you’ve met Hector,” Jeannie says with a grin as she walks down the steps leading from the house to the driveway and her husband releases us.
“Of course, where are my manners?” He stands straighter and puffs out his chest. “I am Hector Alessandro Francisis Ricardo Miller. And you are most welcome in my home.” His arm sweeps back to the large manor house behind him that is bigger than my freshman dorm building. “Come, come, you must be tired from your trip and hungry and thirsty. Can I get you something? A cold beverage? A sandwich? A cigar? Cocaine?”
At our widening eyes, Jeannie slaps him playfully on the arm. “Hector! Can’t you see they’re exhausted and can’t tell you’re kidding with them?”
He laughs. “Of course I am joking. How could I not be joking? Everyone knows it’s much too early in the poppy season for that anyway. Come, come, we have the guest house waiting for you.” As he leads us dazedly up the stairs he speaks into the cuff of his jacket. “Ramone, secure the perimeter.”

Of course,  we could never write this fic as my head would explode for being so far off canon, but it is fun to imagine it could have turned out this way. *G*

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