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Introducing the lazy way to respond to comments...

There is something about the week following a long weekend that is insane, so instead of responding individually to all the lovely well wishes for my birthday, I figured I'd just break down and post a summary of the weekend and big, ol' honking THANK YOU!!!! to everyone who did wish me a happy bday.

Let's just start by saying on Monday of last week it was 108 degrees here and on my birthday on Saturday it was 68 degrees and raining.  Still, those of us who live in Vegas, love rainy weather when we get it so it didn't keep us from having the outdoor party.  I cooked a ton of mexican food... carnita, barbacoa beef, anchito chicken, grilled veggies... hubby made killer margaritas and bought me a birthday cake from Freeds (mmmmmmmm, best cake EVER!  One of our neighbors said she had both her wedding cakes from there because it was just so damn good.)  Sunday we went to see Indiana Jones, and I really enjoyed it.  I couldn't stop smiling through the first half because I realized I have really *missed* Indy.  And, yes, I have an issue with any movie that involves a nuclear blast (sorry, my background kicks in and I think about how unrealistic it is) but I didn't even mind that, because it was Indiana freakin' Jones and he can do anything ridiculously unbelievable and I'll forgive him.  That night we went out for a ladies night out with a few friends, got carded *AGAIN*, and the waitress got a good tip as a result because we were all in our 40s at the table and we all had to show I.D.  Monday Robyn and I headed for the desert to see the ghost town of Rhyolite and Death Valley for research for her book (we'd already trolled through the back streets and bad parts of Vegas and northtown on Friday, as well as the nicer parts to town) and had some fun discussions on things she could put into the new series as well as the next book in the Leandros series.  Then I took her to the airport at o'dark thirty on Tuesday mornign, went to work on about 3 hours sleep, and have been trying to recover ever since.  Gah!

So, that's it in a nutshell, and hopefully, I'll get back to responding to comments after this.  But, once again, thanks so much for the bday wishes, I really did have a good one.  *G*
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