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It's Summer.... God help us.

 The second phase of summer chaos has officially begun.  Yesterday was the last day of school, although to be fair, that's hubby's problem now since he's also on summer break.  I've been feeling it all week... that giddiness of school's almost out!  And then I remember *I* don't get a summer break. Sigh.  

My son did excellent in second grade this year.  At the third trimester awards ceremony he got an award for A/B honor role (he did that all year long), a school attendance award as well as one for the Governor's exemplary attendance, the principal's award for completing all of his assignments, and he got a medal for coming in second in Accelerated Reader.  That last is the biggest in my opinion because reading has been a struggle for us.  His teacher last year told us at the midyear break he still wasn't reading all the words he should have been reading at the kindergarten level.  So, the fact that he's improved that much is just amazing in my opinion.  He was accepted into the gifted and talented program that starts in third grade so we'll see how he does there, not to mention the daughter starts kindergarten.  My babies are growing up!  Sniffle.

My mom flies in tonight with her friend and we're going to see Beauty and the Beast at Spring Mountain Ranch, which is an outdoor theater right up against the mountains.  Gorgeous area.  Sunday is my daughter's fifth birthday party at one of the city parks with a splash pad, so we have to get ready for that on Saturday.  Then the kids go back to Tennessee with my mom on Tuesday.

We leave for our week long Alaskan cruise on June 14.  This is our 10th wedding anniversary celebration (although the actual anniversary was last weekend and we were together 7 years before getting married).  This will be our first cruise ever, but, honestly, this is the only cruise either one of us has been interested in going on and it ain't cheap so we saved it up for a special occasion.  It's funny, this seems to be *the* cruise destination this year... my Dad is currently on an 11 day Alaskan cruise for his 60th bday, two guys at work are going on cruises next week (two different cruise lines), then we go, then the week after that another guy in my department is going on the 11 day cruise.  We were discussing it in staff meeting yesterday and someone mentioned two other people in different departments are going in July and August.  I can't wait!  We have excursions planned, a stack of DVDs we're behind on watching to take with us, and a minisuite with a balcony and I'll be more than happy to sit out there and read/write for the entire trip.  The downside is I have to take the battery out of my blackberry while we're on the ship so I don't have to pay the international roaming fees for data downloads with every e-mail. Moan.  At least there is coverage at every stop so I can take it *off* the boat and check email there... if hubby let's me. *G*

The kids are in Tennessee until July 4 weekend when mom brings them back and Phase 3 of summer chaos will kick off the July madness that involves my inlaws and Comicon (in sequence, not together.. thank God!).  Gah!  So, I guess, if you don't hear from me that often, the above pretty much explains it all.
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